Tim Pappas Black Swan Racing Sept 29

Please join us this Tuesday, Sept. 29th at 7:30 pm for a Webinar with Tim Pappas As we have done before, the Webinar with Tim will be live streamed to the NNJR YouTube Channel. Once you are on our NNJR YouTube Channel, there will be a Chat Window, please ask your questions for Tim there […]

History of VIR with Connie Nyholm

  Tonight, June 24th, starting at 7:30 pm, we are hosting a Webinar with Connie Nyholm (Owner and CEO of VIR Racetrack) and Harvey Siegel. Harvey is the original visionary for the resurrection of VIR and has worked with Connie for many years. I know it will be informative and entertaining evening. Connie and Harvey have a […]

AutoX 2020: July 19th Pocono

Alert!  We are racing!  First event July 19th at Pocono.  More information here and on NNJR Motorsportsreg Autocross is, hands-down, the cheapest, safest, least time-consuming way for you to learn basic performance driving, push your car, and push your skills. It’s fun, informal, safe and the crowd is welcoming. And if you have family members […]

Car Control Clinic is postponed…. we hope. Watch the autocross pages.

NNJR’s CCC sells out quickly.  If you plan to attend, you can register HERE

Autocross 2019 – the only thing you have to fear – is fear itself..

Excellent article from NNJR’s Autocross Ambassador – thanks Grant Got your interest? Read more here


Just a great old video.  I use the last 30 seconds slow motion turn to explain to students, how even a modern car, transitions from understeer-neutral-oversteer.

Car Control Clinic:  May 6th 2018

Car Control Clinic:  May 6th 2018 (location: Metlife Stadium, Lot L) Held once annually, and always over-subscribed Learn the performance potential and characteristics of your Porsche Safe and Fun! NNJR-PCA.com/Autocross In this full-day event (drive half the day, work the course half the day), you will gain personal instruction and practice in braking, slalom, and […]