NNJR PCA Goodie Store OPEN

Get your NNJR logo swag.  Check it out! You can link the NNJR Section of the PCA National Goodie Store from our home page’s “NNJR Branded Stuff” or, the “PCA Resource” home page menus.  Check out the National site’s Porsche stuff from at.   https://www.pcawebstore.org/

Mitch McCullough takes his first drive of a newly built 1972 911T

New NNJR member Mitch McCullough takes his first drive of a newly built 1972 911T at Monticello Motor Club he and wife Kim will be running in the 2022 East African Safari Classic Rally February 10-18. He hopes to bring it to an NNJR event sometime after that, perhaps with a dent or two.

Don’t Miss the Pocono JUuly 25th AutoX !

Have you driven the most fun AutoX you will ever experience?  No?  Sign up for the Pocono AutoX today on Motorsportsreg.com

Oh my, my.

Oh, my, my – Oh Hell Yes. Honey put on your party a dress. Buy me a drink, sing me a song, take me as I come ’cause I can’t stay long https://youtu.be/jJlyB0teZGQ

Do I need a new helmet?

If you haven’t updated your Snell 2010 helmet for the upcoming season, now would be the time. Helmets must be certified to the Snell 2015 or 2020.  2010 helmets are no longer acceptable. PCA requires “Snell approved helmet, which has the current available Snell rating or the one previous Snell rating” see Drivers Education Minimum […]

AutoX 2020: July 19th Pocono

Alert!  We are racing!  First event July 19th at Pocono.  More information here and on NNJR Motorsportsreg Autocross is, hands-down, the cheapest, safest, least time-consuming way for you to learn basic performance driving, push your car, and push your skills. It’s fun, informal, safe and the crowd is welcoming. And if you have family members […]

Car Control Clinic is postponed…. we hope. Watch the autocross pages.

NNJR’s CCC sells out quickly.  If you plan to attend, you can register HERE

Autocross 2019 – the only thing you have to fear – is fear itself..

Excellent article from NNJR’s Autocross Ambassador – thanks Grant Got your interest? Read more here


Just a great old video.  I use the last 30 seconds slow-motion turn to explain to students, how even a modern car, transitions from understeer, to neutral and then oversteer.