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2022 Charity tops 2021 Record!!!







NNJR Club Members and Friends

NNJR-PCA has been supporting the regional community for all of its 66 year history.  This altruism is based on a simple principle: we own and drive fabulous automobiles and that privilege gives us the means to share. There is joy in sharing. When we looked back at our 65 year anniversary, the charities we had supported ranged from big to small. Lessons learned have guided us to our current model where a “just right sized” New Jersey charity is our target.  Cheshire Home is a great fit. Please learn more about them below. Visit their website and join us at a Gala celebration to be held in September 2024. NNJR has been supporting Cheshire Home since 2020, in that time has raised $150,000 to support their mission.



Our current charity is Cheshire Home, a special care nursing facility with over 40 years of dedication to the spinal cord injury community.  NNJR is excited to help their residents in reaching their goals of independence. 

Cheshire Home’s 35-bed facility is home to young adults living with spinal cord injuries and other neurological impairments as they continue their journey back to an independent lifestyle. They are a true hidden gem located in Florham Park in Morris County. The facility provides all of the services that a resident needs to regain their independence after a tragic accident, offering on-site nursing care, mental and emotional support, physical and occupational therapies, vocational and educational programs, transportation and recreation and so much more.

The staff at Cheshire understands the traumatic experience a resident has faced, and therefore provide the best care possible to help a resident regain their independent lifestyle. Once a patient enters through the doors of Cheshire Home, they are family. 

Since Cheshire Home opened its doors in 1981, they have served over 260 residents and expertly led each one through a rehabilitation process tailored to their individual needs and aspirations. The average residency is about 2-3 years, long enough to become family and develop lasting bonds. The dedicated staff, some of whom have been with Cheshire for over 25 years, work diligently to help every resident succeed in meeting their personal, physical, and mental goals. Whether Cheshire is helping residents learn to cook, acquire new job skills, or learn to feed themselves again, their mission is to provide every resident with the means to reach their maximum level of independence.

If you would like to learn more about Cheshire Home, or make a donation, please visit