NNJR PCA rallies

NNJR Rallies are provide a fun and relaxing outing for everyone (children included). The route always includes gorgeous scenery, country roads, unique local features and a fun restaurant at the end. Scoring (we run so-called gimmick rallies, not TSD) is based on mileage and answers to a series of questions embedded in the route instructions. The idea is to answer all the questions correctly and come as close as possible to the official route mileage. This year there are 5 rallies culminating in the prestigious Rene Dreyfus Rally where the winner is awarded the Rene Dreyfus trophy.

Rallies can be run in any vehicle you chose, however, the winner of the Rene Dreyfus rally must be driving a Porsche and must be an NNJR-PCA member. For each rally, trophies are awarded for first through third place in both novice and experienced classes. Check this website and Porscheforus for dates: no pre-registration required, just show up! For novices, the Rally Chair holds a short rally school before each rally. Rallies are fun for the entire family so come out and try one! For additional information email rally@nnjr-pca.com

Rally FAQs

Do I have to drive a Porsche to enter?

You can drive whatever car you’d like in all our events. However to be eligible for the Rene Dreyfus Cup in the Rene Dreyfus Rally you must compete in a Porsche and be an NNJR PCA Member.

Can I bring my kids?

We hope you do: the family can enjoy an afternoon driving some of the most scenic roads New Jersey has to offer.

Do I need any special equipment?

No.  Just top off your fuel and bring a few bottles of water and snacks if you are bringing little ones.

Are Rally's Safe? I've seen them on TV...

Yes.  Our rallies are held on public roads and we expect all our participants to obey all State and local laws.  These events are not timed and there is no need to exceed any posted speed limits.

The rallies you’ve seen on TV are an entirely different matter!

How is the Rally scored?

Everyone starts with a perfect score of zero, yes, zero. Points are added to your perfect score for missed or incorrect answers and for any mileage difference from the official course mileage. The team closest to zero at the end is the winner. We have both Novice and Expert Classes.