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If you enjoy seeing great looking Porsches, if you like to see vintage Porsches, if you enjoy washing, cleaning and waxing your car … then you’ll enjoy Concours events. NNJR sponsors several Concours workshops and clinics along with many competitive events.  Our workshops and clinics demonstrate the proper techniques on how best to clean and care for your car. It’s a real hands-on activity where you get a chance to see how various cleaning and polishing products are used and ask questions on the care of your Porsche. Our competitive events are generally scheduled to coincide with an upcoming Concours event so you will be able to put into effect what you have just learned.

Concours Rules & Results

Rules and Classes

The NNJR Concours schedule has something for both Novice and Veteran members, with each group competing separately for championship points. A Novice is a member who has not participated in a judged NNJR Concours event in the last twelve months and has not won a trophy in a previous NNJR Concours event. Participants will earn points toward a championship trophy to be awarded in each category at the end of the season.  Points will be awarded for both participating and working competitive events and workshop attendance. Participation means entering a Porsche in Full, Race Car or Wash and Shine categories.  Points will be awarded to each participant at each Concours event per the point schedule listed below (participants can only earn points at the highest level for which they are eligible at any event). Competitive events will include PCA Regional, Zone, and Parade Concours. The definition of car classes will be at the discretion of the Concours Co-Chairmen.

Full class requires much preparation as the judges will be doing a detailed inspection of the exterior, interior, storage and at some events the engine compartment. They will be looking at cleanliness, quality of preparation, lack of damage, and presentation. A team of 3 or 4 judges will first do a one minute walk around and then a three or four minute inspection. Undercarriages are not inspected at NNJR events. Winners in the full classes are based on the highest score, i.e., the least point deductions .In NNJR competitions high score is 225 points, no engine and 300 point with engine. Entrants will be notified ahead of time what areas will be judged for each event. The car with the least point deductions and thus highest score will be the winner.

Wash and Shine class is a popular vote with entrants and spectators given ballots to vote for the car or cars that appeal to them the most. At some events you will receive a ballot for each class and at others the cars are all grouped into one class. Preparation for this class only requires a wash and a light interior cleaning. The car in the class or group receiving the most votes is the winner.

French class is for race cars and cars of other marques at NNJR multi marque events. In this class the judges strictly do a visual inspection. No touching is allowed. The main criteria for the class is the “WOW” factor. In other words the car in the class that the judges are most excited about.

Upcoming Concours Events

sun10mar12:00 pmsun3:00 pmEnglewood Porsche Concours Workshop

sun19may9:00 amsun4:00 pmWelcome to The Club Concours (and Rally)

sun30jun9:00 amsun1:00 pmPaul Miller Porsche Classic Concours

NNJR Classes

Master Class – All Class P1-P10 participants that would like to compete, including Engines.

Class P1 356 – All
Class P2 914 – All
Class P3 924 – 928 – 944 – 968 – All
Class P4 911 & 912 – 1965 to 1977
Class P5 911 – 1978 to 1998 (20 Years)
Class P6 911 – 1999 to Current (20 Years)
Class P7  Cayman – Boxster- All
Class P8  Cayenne – Macan – Panamera – All
Class P10 Street – All Models
Class P11 Display only, no judging
The Concours Chairs reserve the right to combine or divide classes based on the number of entrants.

Master Class

91st in Class
82nd in Class
73rd in Class
6Lower than 3rd in Class

Full Concours

81st in Class
72nd in Class
63rd in Class
5Lower than 3rd in Class

Street Class

71st in Class
62nd in Class
53rd in Class
4Lower than 3rd in Class


Points will be earned only at the highest eligible level.

Maximum of 2 Additional Points per Vehicle

2Workshop Attendee

NameNovice/VeteranPaterek WkshpWttC ConcoursEnglewood WkshpP. Miller ConcoursPCA ParadeCruise NiteNew HopeP. Miller WkshpFall ConcoursI. D. Signs WkshpTotal Points
Abtalion, Simon22
Adams, BobV2622214
Alcazar, RobertoN224
Alden, Thomas55
Angiulli, PinotV22
Arnao, DougV22
Badagiecca, NickN224
Bader, Dan22
Beinert, SteveV72615
Braun, Dirk22
Brazeau, Michael44
Brefach, John224
Buggle, Janet22
Butta, RoyV22
Capasso, AugieV25222215
Carrubba, Damien279
Castellano, GeorgeV72772530
Cerrato, DominicV262742629
Cheek, DavidV2226
Chicherchia, Frank22
Chiodo, MichaelN22
Cincotta, Ed55
Copeland, Greg66
Cristello, AnthonyV2277220
Cristello, CindyV2226
Daouphars, EricN26210
Delacruz, JoseV2226
DeLacruz, MaxV224
DiBetitto, DannyV22
Dupont, TedN22
Eisenberg, SteveN2226
Erven, ChrisV2222210
Erven, JeffV224
Farrarese, Frank66
Fisher, Gillion22
Fitzsimmons, KevinV2727262735
Foster, JimV257
Foster, KathyV22
Fox, Ross77
French, StuartV22
Gallagher, Rory22
Gange, Mike77
Gardiner, Tom22
Giannikos, ChristosN224
Good, Mark22
Guido, ChristopherV22
Haenar, Mike22
Hancock, KnuteN2226
Harris, Bill77
Hays, BruceV26210
Hays, EllenV26210
Heitmann, BillV268
Henuset, RobertV252672731
Heuricles, GregV22
Hirsch, Greg55
Hubbel, William22
Jack, Ken77
Kane, AkemiV22228
Kast, Chris628
King, HubertN44
Kokinis, JenN22
Kokinis, John22
Korossy, JohnN22
Kraus, Kevin22
Krieg, Bill66618
Lecomte, Mathieu246
Levy, Ed22
Lopez, FernandoN22
Madrid, Griselda66
Malik, RogerV2626218
Manna, JerryV242772731
Margaritondo, AnthonyN224
Marsillo, John22
McFadyen, JeffV242513
McFarland, Michael224
McRoberts, John224
Merkel, Ken22
Miller, JeffV279
Miller, ScotV22
Miller, TomV22
Minard, BillN22
Minko, BillN242210
Minks, ChristopherN22
Montalbanno, Greg22
Morrissey, MarkN22
Neuwirth, PhilV44
Pandiscia, Michael426
Paterson, Wayne55
Polasek, Pete22
Pulice, Peter77
Reid, JoeV22
Reid, TimV22
Rice, SteveN7714
Samsel, NancyV224
Samsel, RudyV22572220
Saunders, JeffN2226
Schraft, BillV22
Sedek, Michael448
Sepe, AndrewN22
Sherman, Mark22
Simon, Joe6511
Sims, BobN0
Slates, JonN22
Sliwa, WalterV4228
Solomon, ArnoldV2627219
Stern, PhilV279
Stockton, KeithN66
Tafro, AlN22
Toto, Dominic628
Turner, James77
Tyras, PeterV22
Vamderbeck, Bill22
Vinci, Jim22
Wartel, AnthonyN22
Whited, BillV22
Yarashefski, RonN2226
Zadov, Russ77
Zeh, StewartV22

Concours General Information

About Concours

Concours is an activity in which the beauty and cleanliness of your Porsche is rated and scored. Judges with incredible knowledge and familiarity of Porsches inspect the competing cars. They look in places that you don’t even know exist! If this type of preparation seems daunting for you we also offer the wash and shine class. Just wash your car and compete for a Wash and Shine award. No need to spend endless hours with a Q-Tip!

Information gleaned from the concours workshops are also worth putting to use on any of your daily drivers.

Any questions?…

Concours FAQs

  • Concours event preparation
  • Personal pride
  • Long term investment
  • Preparation for resale
  • Discovery of worn or damaged parts

Full preparation for an NNJR Concours involves detailing as the art of meticulous hand cleaning, prepping, dressing, touch up of paint chips and replacement of worn and damaged parts to produce a car that is both clean and presents its self well.

This depends on several factors.

  • Whether or not the Porsche is regularly garaged or exposed to the elements present in the area you live.
  • Use of automated car washes (it is highly recommended you avoid these).
  • Colors sensitive to exposure (e.g. red).
  • Hardness and durability of wax used.

The full process can take twelve or more hours depending on factors such as the most recent cleaning, whether or not the car is a daily driver and whether or not it is garaged. Doing so will help to make you car competitive and score reasonably well at any Porsche Club Concours d’Elegance.

  1. Avoid circular motions when washing, polishing and waxing – strive to work in aerodynamic front-to-back strokes in keeping with natural air and water flow over the car’s surface.
  2. The goal is to remove dirt though cleaning before any final dressing is applied.
  3. Work in the correct order – start with the gentlest possible treatment when dealing with problem areas. Work your way up to the strongest/harshest materials only as needed, and always make sure the material you’re using won’t cause damage.
  4. Use your sense of touch, avoiding fingerpads to detect contaminants.
  5. Always check the area you working on by looking at it from several angles to make sure you’ve dealt with all the defects you found in your initial inspection. If at all possible, do this under a sunlit sky, since concours judging usually occurs outdoors under natural light.
  6. Do not over clean or strip areas beyond OEM grading expectations
  7. Always wear soft clothes, and remove personal jewelry. Ladies with long hair should tie it up in pony tail for safety

For NNJR members, concours are not only a great way to socialize with other Porsche owners, but they are also a great way to see some of the most beautiful, best preserved, best maintained Porsches in the NNJR region. As such, their Porsches are often the most valuable examples, as well. Often concours are held at beautiful or interesting venues, adding to the overall ambiance. For concours competitors, these events serve as a fun way for like-minded folks to exchange information, cleaning tips, and more. Our region has a reputation for competing successfully at the highest levels of Concours competition and this is in large part due to the experience gained by our members in competition locally.