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In six decades we’ve grown to nearly 3,800 total members, all sharing the same passion. Members enjoy participating in a wide variety of events throughout the year.  As an NNJR-PCA member, you have access to all PCA National and Zone #1 resources and events.
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Board and Governance

Ron Miguel

Vice President
Steve Eisenberg

Kim VanPala Aievoli

Cindy Cristello
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Doug Holcomb
Hubert King

Past President
Rich Barry


Grant Lenahan


Hubert King


John Korossy

Business Manager
Anthony Wartel

Concours Chair

Hank Menkes


Driver Education

Thom Calabro


John Korossy

Historian Co-Chair

Knute Hancock

Driver Education Registrar and PCA Club Racing Liaison

Craig Mahon
(H) 973-875-1335

Porscheforus Editor-In-Chief
Ted Dupon

Membership/New Membership Liaison

Rudy Samsel

Nancy Samsel



Cindy & Tony Cristello
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Porsche PX 

José I DeLaCruz
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Peter Schneider
John Vogt
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Curt Barsi

Social Media

Nicole Callen

Sponsor Relations Co-Chair

Bill Gilbert
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Technical Committee
Glen Ochten


Track Tech 

Peter Miller

Web Site – Email Coordinator

Dyke Hensen


Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

Jan 2022 BoG Minutes

BoG here


NNJR-Annual2021 minutes Northern New Jersey Region Porsche Club of America Hybrid meeting: VFW Hall, Morris Plains, NJ / Virtual via ZOOM November 16, 2021

Bylaws of the Northern New Jersey Region

Incorporated the 30th Day of October A.D. 1957

Porsche Club of America
Incorporated the 27th Day of March A.D. 1956

May President Letter

Mornings can be very hectic around the Karpinski household. With two working parents and three third-graders, I drew the short straw when it came to driving the school bus in the morning. OK, so my work commute is about ten minutes on a bad day, versus Suzanne’s daily hour-plus trek up 78 East to New York, but there are days where I would gladly swap our commutes in exchange for a little peace. The school bus is my Cayenne S, and suffice it to say, a third row of seats would be welcome at this age.
The harsh winter that we have just had and all of its accompanying school delayed openings and cancellations has been especially trying on the soul. So, on this April morning – a beauty of a day with blue skies, warm morning breezes and birds chirping – nothing was going to break my stride. “Wow, what’s that big yellow thing in the sky?” I asked the captive audience behind me. With that the three of them started craning their necks, fighting for any view through the windows or sunroof.
“Is there an orange airplane?” Alex asked first.
Tim excitedly interrupted, “Oh-Oh! It’s a UFO! Do you see a UFO?”
Julia decided to stay more terrestrial. “It’s probably a goldfinch. That’s the state bird.”
I was dumbfounded. Had it been that long? “It’s the sun, guys,” I finally offered. A moment of silence followed. “The big yellow thing in the sky is the sun.” The collective groan from the back seat was about the only thing that they agreed on that whole morning. “You gotta work on your jokes there, dad,” Julia deadpans as she exits in the drop off lane.
Snarky nine-year-olds be damned, I was going to enjoy my day, starting with this commute. The Cayenne is nice and all, but I need something more sun to start my say. I looped back home to drop off the truck and went to grab the keys to my M3.
Around this time of every year, I start to get an itch to try something different. Don’t get me wrong – I love my 911SC and my M3 – but it is fun to think about buying a new car once in a while. And by new, I usually mean something actually on the older side, but new to me. There is just something exciting about having new sheet metal to learn about as you wash it for the first time. There are the little features and details of a car that you do not notice until you own one. There is the view of your new ride as you walk up to it in a parking lot or the longing glance as you lock it and walk away. Life is short after all. There are so many cars and there is so little time.
There are a handful of cars that for whatever reason tend to always pop up in my search box in eBay whenever the mood to surf strikes me. Most of them are not what you would call rare or unobtainable, but as my generation continues to age and buy up good examples of the late 1970’s and 1980’s dream cars, availability and pricing seem become precious as well.
One such car is the venerable Mercedes-Benz 450SL. It was a design that debuted in 1971 (introduced as the 350SL before changing to the 450SL a year later) and that lasted all the way to the end of 1989 basically unchanged, save for motor updates. Put another way, I was three years old when my father brought home his first 450SL (a silver over navy blue beauty) and I was driving his last SL, a graphite black 560SL in 1987. It was a lifestyle car – a car that said that its owner would be hard at work at the office in the morning and playing 18 holes in the afternoon. Even Bobby Ewing drove one. What always amazed me about this car was how beautiful it looked in all of its configurations. As a hardtop, it was a handsome coupe. When the weather turned and the hardtop was stored in the garage, up popped its sporty replacement in cloth. The top-down view, however, is by far its best look. It had a classic Mercedes interior and a generous trunk – almost like a small sedan minus a back seat. When you search these cars on eBay, there are plenty of them around, in just about any color and year you could ask for. While some of the very nicest ones command over $25,000 these days, they can be had anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. Like any vintage German car, it is best to know exactly what you are buying before you pull the trigger, as parts and repairs can add up quickly. More than that for me, though, is that every time I get close to this dream car, I realize why I have never bought one. The interior is indeed generous for a “sports car,” as I said before, but the proportions are slightly odd. For whatever reason, my 6’3” frame has more room in a generation 1 Mazda Miata than in a vintage SL. Go figure. Then there is the actual driving experience. Jerry Seinfeld had remarked about this car’s predecessor, the 1960’s 280SL, that it was a beautiful car for people that do not like driving cars. The same kind goes for this SL. From the steering feel, to the way it tracks down the road – this does not feel like a sporting car. I think it is the reason why my dad only kept that last 560SL for one year, before buying his first Porsche 944 Turbo. It is like Don Henley said in The Boys of Summer: “Don’t look back, you can never look back.”
Another favorite – perhaps a little more obscure – is the Fiat 124 Spider convertible. My memories of this car go back to Martha’s Vineyard. As you probably know, the Vineyard is an island, and you can only bring your car there via a ferry service called the Steamship Authority. Reservations to and from the island were (and still are) few and far between in the busy summer months. Back in the early 80’s, they used to allow people without ferry reservations to wait along with their cars in a “stand-by” line, filling up whatever available space was left on each boat. In retrospect, I think it would have been easier to return from Cuba. My parents tried this approach once when we were leaving in the height of August. It was around 14 hours of waiting, until finally at around 2am, they ran one final boat to get the last of us back to the mainland. During that memorable afternoon, there were two men waiting with us, each driving a sports car. The first one was a dark blue Porsche 911. It was the long hood style and I believe it was a 911T. As I recall, I did not like it much. However, the other car was a convertible that I have never seen before. “It’s a Fiat Spider” my dad informed me. Having nothing better to do from the back of our Caprice Wagon, I observed these two throughout the afternoon. It began with a polite exchange of “nice car.” After a few hours, they had both hoods open and they were admiring the motors on their machines. By the evening, they were driving each other’s cars – twenty feet at a time, that is with each successive ferry that arrived and departed. Anyway, the lines of that little Fiat stayed in my mind. I thought the shape was nicer than any of the peer age MGBs, or its fellow Italian, the Alfa Spider. Like the Mercedes SL, the Fiat enjoyed a long model run spanning from 1966 to 1982. After Fiat’s demise in the US, the little roadster was offered for a few more years sold as a Pininfarina Spider Azzura. By any name, though, this was a nice little car. As time rolls on, however, examples of this car continue to dwindle, probably more a result of rust and neglect than enthusiasts buying them up. I had a chance to drive one for sale about twelve years ago. The shape was as lovely as ever and the color was my favorite, too – a nice medium blue metallic with a greyish hue to it. Like the SL, it was not the best driving experience. Interior pieces did not fit well, even after a partial restoration. There is something extra sad about a little sports car that feels old, kind of like an old small dog with a grey muzzle that will not fetch the ball any more. The experience left me disappointed.
There are a bunch of others that I look for from time to time. There is my first car – a second-generation Volkswagen GTI. Hard to find and gaining value as a cult classic – it is hard to see how I would use a car like this in my daily life. But how about a Jeep CJ-7? Or an Alfa GTV-6? Or a first-gen Mazda RX-7? Or maybe a Jaguar XJ-6? I have come close to some and drifted apart from others. One of my most recent “bucket list” cars that I finally got the opportunity to try is the Ferrari 308 GTSi. The version I drove was actually the later generation higher powered 328 GTS, but the feel is pretty much the same. This ride was courtesy of Rally Chair, John Vogt, who happened to have one for sale at his store, High Marques. “We’re going to look like a couple of gorillas in this thing, Drew,” John warned as we strapped into the car. Actually, strapping in took a while, due to the temperamental nature of those fine Italian seat belt pre-tensioners. As we drove around Jockey Hollow, I realized that John was right. We actually looked more like a couple of those old Fisher-Price figures, sitting more on top of a car rather than “in” it. The steering was breathtakingly honest and the sounds from that Italian eight were glorious – but the driving position and ergonomics were tragic. Every time I went to push the clutch pedal to change gears, my knee would activate the turn signal. And for as fast as the 328 looks standing still, a modern Honda minivan could probably take it in the quarter mile.
I was speaking with our former concours chair, Craig Ploetner, not too long ago about the used car market. Craig has a knack for finding great cars to buy and sell. “What’s the next big thing in auction cars?” I had asked. Without pause he answered, “Anything aircooled is just exploding in value right now.” When I asked why this might be, his response made a lot of sense: “The 911SC is a car from the eighties that you actually still want to drive.”
Washing my 911SC last weekend, I thought about what Craig had said. The lines of the car are still as fresh as they were for the past five decades or so. More importantly, maybe, is that no matter how much I may think about driving something different, those thoughts seem to disappear by the end of my road.
I press the odd little button on the bottom of the dash to open the narrow sunroof of the car and press the turn signal left to head towards work. I love looking out over those two headlight tunnels, the trademark look of the original 911s. With each delicate shift and the accompanying cacophonous roar from the flat six, I realize that I am already driving my springtime fantasy car. Suzanne will have to pick the kids up this afternoon. It is, after all, a beautiful day and I am enjoying the ride.


 The History of NNJR Region of the Porsche Club of America

  • 2023

    52 Events +

    2023 History

    The year started out in January with a Swap Meet at Eurotire. This was the first Swap Meet since the unset of Covid. This was also a great social event for many folks.

    In February the club had its usual instructor seminar led by Bill Gilbert and Thom Calabro. In the morning it was for instructors and the afternoon was for all DE drivers. The club also had a New Member event at Paul Miller Porsche and Technical had a new model event at Paul Miller Porsche. 

    For March the club had a Technical Preparation event at Powertech and the annual Gathering of the Faithful Concours workshop at High Marques.

    April was the start of the Driver Education season with a car tech at Paul Miller Porsche followed by our Lightning DE event. We also had our annual Car Control Clinic with many smiling faces. NNJR also had our annual Concours event with the Paterek Brothers.

    May started this month with Welcome to the Club which featured both a Concours and a Rally. There was also another Concours event at Englewood Porsche. There were two technical events for MidOhio and Thunderbolt DE events. The MidOhio event was shared with the MidOhio PCA Region.

    Led by Grant Lenahan and his volunteers, June had its first of four autocrosses at Pocono Raceway. Lime Rock Park was a DE event. In the past this was in April but is now a more favorable June event without snow. 

    There were two DE events for July, the first was at Summit Point run in conjunction with Potomac PCA and the second event was at Pitt Race which was jointly run with the Allegheny PCA. July had their Summer Sizzle Rally which started again at High Marques with its great breakfast.

    August was the first of two events at Watkins Glen International. This is most drivers favorite race track. We get to drive on the track for three days in one weekend with a great dinner sponsored by Paul Miller Porsche. Rally had its Run to the Stone Walls rally.

    September had its two-day upper run group Watkins Glen DE event. There is a lot of track time for this event due to it has only two run groups with no student drivers. September had its second Cruise Night at the Flanders German Swim & Sport Club. This event had a contest for the most original display of Porsche party themes and a beautiful display of Porsche cars.

    October had the Fall Concours event at the Wing Spread Farms with another beautiful display of Porsches. October also had its 50th Annual Wine Tasting at Paul Miller Porsche. This event is always a sell out with different wines from and delicious food. October finished with its last two track events for the season, Lightning 2 and Virginia International Raceway.

    November started off with a New Member event at Paul Miller Porsche and ended with a Winter Prep event at ID Signs. This final concours event had the most ever door prizes. The rally program had the Dreyfus Rally which was the final rally of the season. The annual Pine Barren Off-Road excursion was catered for the four wheeled Porsches (and others) by Peter Schneider and his crew.

    December was our annual Holiday Party event at the Highlawn Pavilion that ends the season for the club. This party has great food, drinks, club awards, partying and get togethering with Porsche friends. A first for the club, a lady, Britt Findley was awarded the most improved driver of the year. Thank you Cindy & Tony Cristello for running this great event.

    As you can see in the chart below, NNJR had a full year of events to keep the club on its toes.

    Driver Education2121211212
    New Member112
  • 65 years and Growing

    NNJR 2022

    Passing of Dennis Thovson, who along with spouse Marlys, acted as “inspiration” to NNJR, contributing ceaselessly to any and all club endeavors, along with mentoring club members and leadership.  Special tribute was paid to Dennis at a “Celebration of Life” ceremony hosted at a fitting Paul Miller Porsche dealership memorial

    Coincidental was the passing of longtime NNJR member and past-President (’66-‘67) Bill Oldenboom who actually recruited Dennis (and Marlys), Bill & Dennis sharing same age of 88 (1934-2022)

    65th Anniversary of NNJR celebrated in June at a Gala Family Summer Picnic at Fountain Spring Lake in Ringwood, NJ. A very special 65th P4US hardcopy print publication was designed to commemorate event thru extensive research by Bruce Zabor, Rich Barry & Bill Gilbert, with abundant historic photos included

    Remarkably, Charity set another record in 2022- exceeding $63k dedicated to Cheshire Home!  Despite worrisome inflation, serious downturn in financial markets, Hubert King rallied membership in support of a most worthwhile cause, the $63k may be the greatest annual amount ever achieved by any Region within PCA for Community Service

    DE Chair Thom Calabro continued to deliver a full DE schedule, complete with NNJR-sponsored Safety Techs & HPDE seminar, augmented by an extensively researched and well-presented article published in P4US titled ”Off-Track Excursions”- a multiple page description of available activities proximate to driving tracks which offer family members alternatives to explore while DE driver stays on-track

    Nearby in Poconos, PCA hosted its 66th annual Parade, drawing the greatest Parade attendance ever!  With abundant NNJR members attending, no surprise that NNJR contestants reaped the lion’s share (Kalahari is an African-inspired theme park) of PCA Awards, especially in Concours competition

    Rally Meister John Vogt fabled Rally Program continued to delight with full 5-event season supported by a Rally Cadre comprised of specialists schooled in fine-art of rallying, including Peter & Joanne Schneider, Erik & Pat Sjogren and Duncan & Britt Findlay… one of most popular in PCA!   Cruise/outdoor Movie Night a big hit at Flanders German Swin & Sport Club, along with 9th annual Off-Road Excursion thru NJ Pinelands, hosted by Peter Schneider!

    Concours chair Kevin Fitz successfully shepherded Concours events thru Covid with a wide-array of “How-To” You-Tube instructional videos, transitioning Program over to veteran Concours-emeritus Hank Menkes (Hank Parade Group Winner-Preparation/Kevin 1st Full Preservation)

    Capping off 2022 with a Holiday Party return to Highlawn Pavilion following three Covid years, Cindy & Tony Cristello pleased all with a Sunday afternoon extravaganza, complete with special 65th Anniversary memento

  • 2021

    Continuing thru Covid, remarkably…

    2021, Continuing thru Covid, remarkably…

    Effective ongoing Communication continued to NNJR Membership via enhanced Website fine-tuned by Dyke Hensen,  on-line Porscheforus publication by Editor Petra Swift, Monthly Zoom Programs by Chair Shannon Muller with technical support from husband Matt & Video/YouTube extraordinaire Bill Gilbert

    DE Chair Thom Calabro delivered a full DE schedule when contrasted to pre-Covid 2019 season resulting in Registrations up 13%, increases of 17% for Students coupled with an astonishing 93% in Instructors, plus 5900 views of NNJR training videos!  Popular track adds included Summit Point (last-2008) and Pitt-Race (3-Days-22) which will continue forward in 2022

    Rally Meister John Vogt returned Rally Program to a full 5-event season by enlisting a Rally Cadre comprised of specialists schooled in fine-art of rallying, including Peter & Joanne Schneider, Erik & Pat Sjogren and Duncan & Britt Findlay… all in support of keeping NNJR fabled Rally program one of most popular in PCA!  Dreyfus 60th Anniversary Rally well celebrated, as was John’s June 27 Cruise Night also back, setting an All-Time-High attendance, along with Nov 7 Off-Road Excursion #8 thru NJ Pinelands, hosted by Peter Schneider!

    Concours Chair Kevin Fitzsimmons insured NNJR nationally recognized Concours Program also back to a full complement of competitive events, augmented by his own prepared YouTube & P4US highly descriptive DIY instruction focusing on Concours preparedness; such step-by-step detail unquestionably aiding Kevin’s own 1st Place Preparation Award for 993 entry at French Lick Parade

    Not to be outdone by 2020 past-record $24k charity contribution, co-Charity Chairs Hubert & Linda King 2021 effort resulted in PCA unheard-of-astonishing $40k to Cheshire Home, a combination of Gold Ticket sales, donations to Fall-Bed Fund, and registration for May Welcome to Club Concours & Rally.  Additionally, NNJR supported local food banks with direct monetary contributions

    Not quite the Committee level of DE, AutoX, Concours & Rally, Membership under the direction of Chairs Rudy & Nancy Samsel has really advanced to a plateau not readily recallable at NNJR.  Their stewardship, creativity, in-depth analysis, and in-person social interfacing is making a difference by ensuring new members are embraced and find good reason to continue membership!

  • 2020

    2020, the Endless Covid Bummer…a near Virtual Performance

    Our two Thovson award winners allowed NNJR to “go digital and go virtual” without missing a beat.  P4US Editor Petra Swift & Program Chair Shannon Muller brought prior hardcopy newsletter and live monthly meetings online attaining record viewer-ship. Incredible virtual speakers, like Hurley Haywood at Brumo’s new Museum, Petersen Automotive Museum on Wilshire in LA, were most happy to sign on to present live streaming to our NNJR YouTube Channel.

    Our NNJR website YouTube channel and Facebook sites achieved high levels of social readership/participation with thousands of hours logged online.

    One of NNJR’s long-time favorite meetings is Slide Night, co-hosted by Dom Miliano & John Vogt, the annual “slide night” broke all records for entrants.  In past years, 20 to 25 participants was a big night. This time, because of the virtual nature and focus on Porsche only, we had 45 participants, with high-quality images submitted in the “everyone with cell/camera” era

    Thru sheer determination and a high level of organization typically seen at professional IMSA events, DE Chair Thom Calabro literally willed a portion of NNJR’s DE season to happen! Grant Lenahan aptly managed to drive AutoX events

    While John Vogt award-winning people-intensive rally season and summer BBQ were not to be, John invented new venues to keep NNJR membership in play, e.g. an outdoor Drive-In movie & Vineyard Trek

    An astounding record-setting $24k to NNJR Charity Cheshire Home as a result of hard-work by Charity Chairs

  • 2019

    DE Seminar Guest Speaker Shane Lewis, racer competing in Grand-AM, American LeMans and Rolex Series, along with 24-Hours of LeMans, Nürburgring & Dubai; Old Mill Inn- Fantastic.

    P4US features NNJR Members attending Boca Parade featured in P4US, including those taking trophies in competitive events

    NNJR Members participated in Zone1 Concours & Rally at Shawnee-on-Delaware

    1st inaugural Zones 1&2 Boardwalk Reunion at Ocean City, NJ Dreyfus Rally concludes at Walpack Inn, making John Vogt/ PeterSchneider Rally season another huge attendance success

    Highlawn Pavilion again selected for NNJR holiday party, most desirable location featuring views of Manhattan skyline

  • 2018

    Presentation by Ken Miller & Bob Knapik of History of Watkins Glen & Lime Rock Park at monthly meeting

    DE Seminar Guest Speaker Gunnar Jeannette, IMSA racer who won 2011 American LeMans Series Drivers’ Championship; Old Mill Inn

    NNJR Lake Underwood Jr (1957 Speedster) & Dan Curry (962) invited to display historic race cars at 23rd Amelia Concours; all NNJR attendees to Werks/Amelia featured in P4US  (Honoree: Emerson Fittipaldi)

    NNJR Spring Shore Trek beginning at Bahr’s, historic shore restaurant

    6th Cruise Night continues to overwhelms AGAIN

    Judy Stropus, Timer & Scorer extraordinaire during Racing’s GoldenAge, guest speaker at NNJR, hosted by Dom Miliano at Paul Miller

    NNJR members attend Zone1 2nd annual Get-a-Way to Chautauqua/Jamestown, NY, birthplace of Lucille Ball, featuring tours of Lucy & Desi Museum and world-class National Comedy Center

    P4US Chronicler Bob Knapik Slide Night presentation of his Porsche competing against clock on Bonneville Salt Flats, including round-trip drive to Utah

    Dreyfus Rally closes tremendous Rally season organized by John Vogt, NNJR Rally-Meister

  • 2017

    Our 60th Anniversary Year! 2,242 Primary Members and 1,487 F/A Members

    Noted Speakers: Cass Whitehead, head of the Porsche Sport Driving School USA, spoke at our annual Drivers Seminar. Great communicator!.

    Our 60th Anniversary year, was kicked off with our third Old Rascals Night “Sharing the Legacy.” Hosted by Paul Miller Porsche it was a huge success with 200 long-time members showing up! The stories were very “entertaining.”

    Steve Erickson, long association with CART/Indy Car racing, spoke at our May Meeting. Steve was part of the Porsche Indy Car venture in the 80’s

    Our 5th Cruise Night attracted 240 Porsches, more than could be accommodated in the parking space. A very beautiful evening with good music, food and lots of mixing.

  • 2016

    Noted Speakers: Philippe Defechereux spoke about early racing in America at our January Monthly Meeting. Kyle Tilley, a racer with lots of experience, spoke at our annual Drivers Ed Seminar.

    Our 4th Cruise Night attracted 150 cars. Lots of visiting with old friends, good food and music!After Many years, our Monthly Meetings moved to the Mountain Lakes Club after the Villa changed owners.

  • 2015

    Noted Speakers: Dave Scott, former Diplomatic Special Agent who became a professional racer spoke at our annual Advance Driver Seminar. Kelsy Hill, Strategic Alliance/Enthusiast Engagement person for both Car & Driver and Road & Track spoke at our March Monthly Meeting.

    3rd Cruise Night was another great success.

    August Monthly Meeting held at Sky Manor Airport. Dennis Thovson spent most of the night with a Navy T-28 and its pilot reminiscing about flying the T-28!

    NNJR Members Bob and Lucille Knapik and Jeff and Margie McFadyen were successful at the Porsche Parade Concours in French Lick, IN.

    Driver Ed tried out a new track in Palmer, MA. On a mountain top and tricky to drive!

    Dennis Thovson, first Driver Ed Chair, retired from track driving at the Watkins Glen event.

    NNJR raised $16,000 at its Annual Charity Auction for Employment Horizons.

  • 2014

    Noted Speakers: Brian Sellers, a factory driver for Falken Tire, races a 911 GT3 RSR spoke at our annual Advanced Driver Seminar. David Donohue and Skip Barber spoke at our May monthly meeting

    40th Annual Concours and Preservation Workshop at Paterek Brothers in Chatham. John’s son Andrew Paterek has joined John and Ray.

    Second “Cruise Night” held with great attendance and lots of food and fun!

    1st Pinewood Derby event held at NNJR’s Monthly Meeting. Kids and grownups participated with lots of cheering!

    Skip Barber, owner of Lime Rock, spoke at our October Monthly Meeting about the track and its history.

  • 2013

    Noted speakers in 2013: Andrew Davis, spoke at our Advanced Driving Seminar; Hurley Haywood, Porsche endurance driver, spoke at a Monthly Meeting of his experiences during his long and successful career.

    Our first “Cruise Night,” in lieu of our June Monthly Meeting, was held at Brook Race Lake complete with music by John Ginty’s band. It was an outstanding success

    NNJR held its first off-road event in the Pine Barrens for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

    Second Concours on the Green, was a well-attended multi-marque Concours on the scenic lawn of a club member’s large estate.

  • 2012

    Our 55th Anniversary Year!

    Noted speakers in 2012: Brian Till spoke at our Advanced Driving Seminar; Andrew Davis, Brumos Porsche driver, spoke about driving for Brumos.

    Record participation for the Ladies Day DE at Pocono.

    Gala 55th Anniversary Celebration and Car Show at the Harbor Hills Picnic Grove in Mendham.

    Marlys Thovson awarded Honorary Life Membership in NNJR for her distinguished service and contributions, including serving as NNJR’s Secretary for 40 years.

  • 2011

    Noted speakers in 2011: David Murry spoke at our Advanced Driving Seminar; Patrick Long, Porsche Factory race driver, spoke about his experiences driving for the Porsche.’

    Meadowlands new Stadium parking lots again available for autocrossing!

    Charity Auction raises $20, 280 for the Somerset Hills Learning Institute for autistic children.

  • 2010

    Noted speakers in 2010: Ross Bentley spoke at our Advanced Driving Seminar; Bryce Miller entertained us with his racing experiences.

    Driver Ed at the new Monticello race track.

    Trek to visit the Simeone Auto Museum in Philadelphia.

    Red Mill Museum Concours d’Elegance.

    Annual Charity Auction raises $17,000 for the Somerset Hills Learning Institute for autistic children.

  • 2009

    Noted Speakers for 2010: Randy Pobst spoke at our Advanced Driving Seminar; Michael Keyser, noted driver, writer and movie maker spoke at our May meeting.

    Last Pocono Porscherama (sigh!)

    Don Yuhas – NNJR’s first 50-year member.

    Annual Charity Auction raises $16,500 for Employment Horizons.

  • 2008

    Noted speakers during 2008: Darren Law spoke at the Advanced Driving Seminar; Jeff Mahl presented a program on the 1908 “Great Race;” Leonard Turner, spoke about photography for Panorama.

    First DE at the new NJ Motorsport Park Thunderbolt track.

    Fifth Porscherama at Pocono.

    Annual Charity Auction raises $15,850 for Employment Horizons.

  • 2007

    NNJR kicks off its 50th Anniversary Year with the Second Old Rascal’s Night (the first was in 1996) honoring long-time members of the Region. It was a sell-out.

    NNJR celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a gala Summer Celebration and Car Show at the Forest Lodge in Warren.

    Overnight Trek to Hershey to visit Antique Auto Museum of America.

    Fourth annual Porscherama held at Pocono

    Noted speakers during 2007: David Murry spoke at our Advanced Driving Seminar; Bryce Miller, son of Paul Miller and a race driver, and Brock Yates spoke at monthly meetings during the year.

    Annual Charity Auction raises $17,800 for Employment Horizons.

  • 2006

    NNJR awarded the Ferry Porsche Trophy for Region of the Year for the sixth time at the 2006 Parade!

    3rd annual Advanced Performance Driving Seminar conducted by Ross Bentley.

    David E. Davis well known automotive writer and editor speaks at monthly membership meeting to an audience of over 200.

    Third annual “New” Porscherama held at Pocono to a sell-out crowd.

    Annual Charity Auction raises $16,300 for the School-to-Career Transition Services of Employment Horizons.

    Total primary membership 12/31/2006 reaches 2,264; plus 1754 Family/Affiliate members for a total of 4018 members.

  • 2005

    Chris Economaki speaks at January monthly membership meeting to audience of 250.

    2nd annual Advanced Driver’s Seminar conducted by Bill Gilbert and hosted by Ray Catena Porsche.

    Porscheforus cover goes full-color!

    NNJR acquires its 26 ft enclosed trailer for DE and Autocross use.

    Advanced Autocross Timing and Scoring system developed by Dennis Thovson.

    Annual Charity Auction in December raises $16,000 for the Work Readiness Unit of Employment Horizons.

  • 2004

    Porscherama Weekend returns to the calendar. First event held at Pocono Raceway and Split Rock Lodge. Hurricane Ivan submerges the first day!

    First annual Advanced Driver’s Seminar developed and conducted by Bill Gilbert.

    30th Annual Concours Preservation Workshop conducted by John and Ray Paterek.

    Porsche Race and Rally driver Vic Elford speaks at monthly membership meeting to an audience of over 300.

    45th Rene Dreyfus Memorial Rally held.

    NNJR website completely revised and updated by John Flynn.

    David Novack appointed to the National PCA Legal Committee.

    Stu Zeh appointed National PCA Sponsorship and Public Relations Chairman

  • 2003

    Seventeenth Annual Charity (Chinese) Auction held to benefit Court Appointed Special Advocates (represent children in legal proceedings). Raised over $13,000.

    NNJR receives National PCA Public Service Award at the 2003 Porsche Parade in Tampa, FL.

    PNC Bank Arts Center added as an Autocross site.

    Continued support of the Formula SAE project at Rutgers State University.

  • 2002

    NNJR celebrates its 45th Anniversary. 540 Members attend the celebration at the Springdale House (formerly the Schwaebische Alb) in Warren, NJ.

    NNJR sponsors Zone 1 Concours and Rally. Proceeds totaled more than $10,000, which were donated to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Charter Member Lake Underwood was Honored Guest and Speaker.

    30th Annual Wine Tasting (accompanied by elegant food!) hosted by Paul Steck and Dennis Thovson.

    First Ladies Day Driver Ed at Pocono.

    Stu Zeh appointed to PCA National Parade Committee and Director of Competitive Events.

  • 2001

    Porscheforus judged first in Class 5 for the second straight year.

    NNJR President’s Award for recognition of outstanding service to the region is created. Marlys Thovson is the first recipient.

    Christian Garibaldi appointed to the national PCA Technical Committee as Porsche 930 Turbo contact expert.

    NNJR held its eighth Club Race at Pocono.

    Hurley Haywood, Renown Porsche Race Driver, speaks at Monthly Meeting

    NNJR completes its 30th year of Driver’s Education. First Driver’s Ed at VIR.

  • 2000

    Porscheforus (Greg Apicella, Editor) judged first in Class 5 (the largest PCA regions) in the Parade Newsletter Contest.

    NNJR held its seventh Club Race at Pocono.

    First Rally School held in March prior to the Rally Season.

  • 1999

    NNJR held its sixth Club Race at Pocono.

    Porsche PX reformulated for the sale specialized NNJR-PCA logo wearing apparel.

    More than $16,000 raised for charity. For the third time, NNJR won first prize in the 1999 Pirelli Public Service contest awarded at the Sacramento, CA Porsche Parade.

  • 1998

    NNJR is the first PCA Region to reach 2,000 members.

    PCA Family of the Year awarded to the Novack family at the Steamboat Springs, CO Porsche Parade

    NNJR Web site was developed by Bob Michaelson.

    Zone 1 Autocross hosted by NNJR at the Meadowlands and Fairleigh Dickenson University – Teaneck.

    NNJR purchased new GMC 2500 heavy-duty cargo van.

    NNJR held its fifth Club Race at Pocono.

  • 1997

    NNJR Membership July 31, 1997 stands at 1865 enthusiastic members.

    Indoor driving event held at Speedway 17. Amid many “crashes” smooth driving won the day!

    NNJR celebrates 40th anniversary at Swaebische Alb, Warren, NJ.

  • 1996

    First “Old Rascals Night” held recognizing NNJR members with 10 or more years in PCA. 11 Past Presidents were in attendance.

    Car Care Specialties takes over management of Goodie Store.

    Over $17,000 raised for charity. NNJR wins First Prize in the 1996 Pirelli Public Service contest awarded at the 1997 San Antonio Porsche Parade.

  • 1995

    $20,000 raised for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp during the Charity (Chinese) Auction.

    1811 members participate in driver’s ed events for the year.

    Membership exceeds 1800 with 381 new members.

    Bob Moir Memorial Award instituted for most improved driver.

  • 1994

    Autocross participation reaches 152 at the Meadowlands and 542 members participate in the Autocross series for the year.

  • 1993

    Bill Walsh Award for excellence in Porsche related photography begun.

    Membership exceeds 1700 with 364 new members.

    NNJR’s first Club Race (with Metro NY) at Bridgehampton.

    First Charity Softball Game with WDHA/FM.

    Porscheforus (Joan Moir Editor) received the Paul Heinmiller Award at the Cincinnati Porsche Parade for best overall newsletter in PCA for 1992.

  • 1992

    NNJR celebrates its 35th anniversary at the King’s Road Vineyard in Pattenburg, NJ

    The first Tryautothon is held, replacing Rookie Weekend, and the first New Member News was printed and distributed.

    A new 1992 GMC Van is purchased. The 1984 Ford Van retained for use by the expanded PX.

    First Mid-winter Track Seminar for novices held at Tracey’s Nine Mile House.

  • 1991

    The first “Shop Till You Drop” excursion was held in conjunction with a visit to the Berman Auto Museum in Allentown, PA.

    Membership exceeds 1,500.

    The special Dealer Liaison Program was begun.

    NNJR was awarded first place in the Pirelli Public Service Competition … based upon the Charity (Chinese) Auction Event and contribution to The Seeing Eye Institute.

  • 1990

    NNJR made its first contribution to Paul Newman’s Hole In The Wall Gang Camp for children with cancer and serious blood disorders.

    NNJR wins Region of the Year for the fifth time!

    Dennis Thovson awarded Honorary Life Membership in NNJR.

  • 1989

    Vendor Appreciation Night introduced.

  • 1988

    Charity (Chinese) Auction Fund Raising Event held for the benefit of the Seeing Eye of Morristown.

    Fifties Party at the Old Mill Inn.

    NNJR attends East Coast debut of Porsche Indy Car at the Meadowlands.

  • 1987

    The first Annual Charity (Chinese) Auction fund raising event was held for the benefit of Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside.

    The 30th Anniversary Lawn Party was held at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum

    NNJR was awarded Region of the Year for the fourth time.

    Dennis Thovson Elected PCA National President.

    Bob Moir appointed at Zone 1 Representative.

  • 1986

    A car control clinic was introduced as part of the Autocross Program.

  • 1985

    NNJR was awarded Region of the Year, for the third time.

    Dennis Thovson Elected PCA National Vice President.

    John Paterek appointed to National Technical Committee as Body/Paint and Upholstery/Interiors contact.

    NNJR Membership exceeded 1,000 with a growth of over 10%.

  • 1984

    A new 1984 Ford Van was purchased.

    John Paterek honored as PCA Enthusiast of the Year (for 1983) at the Appleton, WI Porsche Parade.

  • 1983

    Dennis Thovson Elected PCA National Treasurer

  • 1982

    NNJR celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

    NNJR purchased its first FM Band Portable Radios for Track Communication.

    An eight page booklet on Autocrossing was published by the Region.

  • 1981

    The Charles Mulhern Concours d’Elegance perpetual award established.

  • 1978

    NNJR won Region of the Year again — the first Region to be awarded this honor two years in a row.

    Ralph & Tylee Stoesser family awarded PCA Family of the Year at the Porsche Parade in Aspen, CO.

    First Octoberfest event took place.

    The “Kid’s Rally” was instituted for the benefit of Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, New Jersey.

    Membership grew to 468.

  • 1977

    A used 1973 Ford Van replaced the VW Bus.

    The first Rookie Weekend was held on April 23 – 24.

    The first NNJR Drivers Education at Watkins Glen took place.

    Activities, throughout the year, included a Tennis Party, Clam Bake and trip to the Culinary Institute of America.

    NNJR was awarded Region of the Year.

    NNJR celebrates its 20th Anniversary at the King George Inn in Warren. NNJR Honorary Life Memberships were awarded to: Charles Fowler (Founding President), Lake Underwood & Bengt Soderstrom

  • 1976

    First two-day Drivers Education Event took place at Lime Rock Park.

    Membership reached 324.

  • 1975

    First Scholarship Program was established with Morris County Vo-Tech.

    NNJR granted a license to conduct Autocross events in the State of New Jersey.

    First annual Joe Reid “gourmand” tour.”

    Doug Troyer appointed as Zone 1 Representative.

  • 1974

    First club van, a 1964 VW Bus, was purchased and restored to running condition by NNJR members.

    NNJR hosts 1974 Porsche Parade at Pocono Manor, PA.

    Dick & Harriet Carlson Family awarded PCA Family of the Year at the Porsche Parade in Pocono Manor, PA.

  • 1973

    NNJR was selected to co-host the 1974 Porsche Parade and Dennis Thovson was named General Parade Chairman

    NNJR relinquishes Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, Part of Mercer, and Salem Counties to Schattenbaum Region. Dennis Thovson, as Zone 1 Representative, presents Schattenbaum its Charter.

    First National gas crisis (remember those long lines to get 5 gallons).

    Dennis Thovson appointed as Zone 1 Representative.

  • 1972

    First Gourmet Dinner Tour was held. Membership reached 250.

    Last NNJR Hillclimb at Hobo Hill.

  • 1971

    The first NNJR Driver Education Track Event took place on May 1 at Lime Rock Park.

    Hard-wired head set communication equipment built for track communications.

  • 1969

    Open membership policy was instituted. Previous program required sponsorship of the prospective member and attendance at three consecutive events before the Board of Governors could approve the application.

    The first general Monthly Meeting was held on January 13 at Norel’s in Denville during a blizzard. Five people attended.

  • 1968

    Membership dropped to 100 resulting in an examination of membership requirements.

  • 1965

    Treasury reached a balance of $746.87 and membership climbed to 120.

  • 1964

    First Slide Night was held, at the Governor Morris Hotel, on October 10.

  • 1963

    First major article on NNJR appeared in the March issue of Porsche Panorama and membership grew to exceed 100.

  • 1962

    First Tri-State Porscherama took place at Lime Rock with NNJR members participating in all events.

    The Charles Fowler Participation Award Program was begun.

  • 1961

    NNJR relinquished members in Monmouth, Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean Counties due to the formation of the Jersey Shore Region. Total loss was 15 persons leaving 85 members at the end of the year.

  • 1960

    First NNJR New Member Liaison Group was formed and membership grew to 76.

    The first Dreyfus Trophy Rally was held.

  • 1958

    First Technical Session was conducted and a Gymkhana Program was started.

  • 1957

    NNJR was chartered on August 24, during the second Porsche Parade in Washington D.C. There were 30 original members, nine of which had belonged to the Porsche Club of America since its inception in 1955.

    The first NNJR Picnic was held the same month and included a Rally and Concours d’Elegance.

    The first newsletter was published in September and was two pages in length.

    Total membership, at the end of the year, was 58 persons.