2022 Nominating Committee

2022 Nominating Committee Appointments


Pursuant to Article X of the Bylaws, Northern New Jersey Region (NNJR) Porsche Club of America, President Rich Barry, with the approval of the Board of Governors, has asked the following members to serve on the 2022 Nominating Committee.  All of these members have agreed to serve.

Janice Ernsting, Chair.   @nnjr-pca.com

Anthony Wartel  

Ron Miguel    SocialMedia@nnjr-pca.com

Britt Findlay   

Glen Ochten     

The Nominating Committee is charged with preparing a slate of candidates for NNJR’s Officers and Governors for the year 2023.  Any NNJR member wishing to be considered by the Nominating Committee as a candidate for an elected office must make his or her wishes known to the Nominating Committee no later than July 15th.  For more information on NNJR election procedures please see Article X of the NNJR Bylaws. The names of Nominees will be published on the website during the first week of August; the list will also be published in the September and October issues of Porscheforus.