President’s Letter

December Letter

  I have this bad habit where whenever I go on vacation, I focus too much on the length of the trip. Sometimes, in fact, I start lamenting the end of the vacation almost before it has even begun. I am not even unpacked in the hotel and I am already thinking, “In a week […]

November Letter

  On a cool fall day sometime in 1981, we became a two diesel family. Rewind back to 1978, and the motoring world was just a little simpler. Foreign cars were certainly present, but not intertwined within the American landscape quite like they are in 2015. I mean, you did not see any Toyotas running […]

Memorial, Services & Party for Bob Michaelson

A memorial visitation is Wednesday from 4 to 8 PM at the Dangler, Lewis and Carey Funeral Home, 312 West Main Street, Boonton. Funeral services are 11 AM Thursday at the same location, followed by a “Bob Party” to celebrate his life at Bob and Terri’s home in Kinnelon (directions at the funeral). In lieu of flowers, […]

Bob Michaelson and Ed Neighbour

Dear Fellow Club Members and Friends, It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this email to inform you of the passing of two of our oldest and most respected members. This has truly been one of the saddest weekends in our club’s history. Bob Michaelson passed away yesterday morning. Bob has meant […]

May President Letter

Mornings can be very hectic around the Karpinski household. With two working parents and three third-graders, I drew the short straw when it came to driving the school bus in the morning. OK, so my work commute is about ten minutes on a bad day, versus Suzanne’s daily hour-plus trek up 78 East to New […]