“Was ist neu?”

Well, it is November 24 and just 23 days ago I wrapped up my stint as VP and Track Chair. So now I sit here writing my first article as NNJR President. Not sure where to begin but how about I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays and Happy New Year!!! I still can’t get used to our editorial calendar. LOL.

As your new President I think it is appropriate for me to let you know what I have in mind and believe we should focus on. In line with and what Drew indicated in 2014 when he became our President, I believe our mission as a Board (BoG) should be to increase member enthusiasm, participation, and satisfaction. It is through this the club will continue to grow and prosper and provide real value to its membership – you. We all joined the PCA for various reasons and we each have our own expectations about what we want to get out of belonging to this great car club. If you are happy to just receive and read the P4Us magazine, we need to make sure we have great content, it is well supported and timely. If you are at the other end of the spectrum and want to participate in as many programs as possible, we need to make sure each program is well thought out, fun and well executed.

I assure you we have a great team, your BoG, that is willing and able to perpetuate all the good stuff and improve upon all the things we could do better. They are also committed to listening to you our members and to keep our programs fun and give you ample reason to come back to the next event. I know that in the time I have been a NNJR-PCA member, I have personally witnessed some great people rising to the occasion (and a bunch of hard work, teamwork and commitment), have improved all facets of NNJR and made belonging to the Club something a very important part of my life. I anticipate no less in the coming year.

In the next couple of Porscheforus issues, you will notice a few changes to our roster of Elected Board members and Committee and Chair leaders (your BoG). So here is a quick rundown of who is who for 2016:


President: Me

Vice President: Tom Swift (and Tom is our new Track Chair)

Secretary: Cindy Cristello who is continuing on in this position.

Treasurer: Janice Ernsting is our new bean counter and keeper of the keys to our money. Welcome.

Governor: Grant Lenahan is continuing on and will also stay on as our illustrious Autocross Chair.

Governor: Anthony Wartel is a new Governor and is also, along with his wife Nelly, Co-Chair of our Charity Program. Welcome.

Governor: Murray Kane is a new Governor and ex-Co-Chair of our Concours Program but will now be our Zone 1 Concours Co-Chair with Jeff McFadyen. Welcome.

Past President: Drew Karpinski will take over for Craig Mahon. Welcome.

Committee Chairs

Autocross: Grant Lenahan will continue on.

Charity: Anthony and Nelly Wartel will continue on.

Communications: Matt Fine is new to the BoG and will take on this challenging new role. Welcome.

Concours: At the time of this writing, we have not yet identified a Concours Chair.

Dealer Liason/Sponsorship: Bill Gilbert with continue on along with new BoG member Steve Corodemus. Welcome.

Driver Education: Tom Swift, who is also a Chief Instructor is our new Track Chair. Welcome.

Historian: Stu French and Bob Knapik will continue on.

Mailing and Distribution: Dennis Thovson will continue on.

Executive Admin/Membership: Marlys Thovson will continue on in this dual role.

New Member: Sharon Doherty and Akemi Kane will continue on.

PCA Club Racing: Craig Mahon will continue on.

Planning: As Past President, Drew Karpinski will take on this role. Welcome.

Porsche PX: Jose DeLaCruz will continue on.

Program: Scott Lynn will continue on.

Porscheforus Editor in Chief: Michele Lynn will continue on.

Porscheforus Business Manager: Knute Hancock will continue on.

Rally: John Vogt will continue on.

Safety: Leslie Schrem will continue on.

Social: Cindy and Tony Cristello will continue on.

Technical Program: James Coleman and Ken Casterline will continue on.

Track Tech: Ed Pepe will take on this role. Welcome.

Web Site Coordinator: Jeff Cafiero will continue on

Email Blasts: Petra Swift transitioned to this role in 2015 and will continue on in 2016. Welcome.

Yearbook: Petra Swift will continue on.


As you can tell, it takes quite a few volunteers to run a club of our size and with as many programs and activities as we have. These volunteers are really a great bunch of people and certainly can use your help and support. So, if you see the opportunity to help out or we send out a call for volunteers, please do so as we all have an incentive to keep this the best car club in the world. If you have any ideas or thought on how to improve the club, please feel free to email me at president@nnjr-pca.com or call me on my cell at 862-206-9610.

BTW, I was asked why did I name my column “Was ist neu?”? I have no idea, the name just popped in my head one day. LOL. It does translate to “What’s new?”

Tom Iervolino