President Letter 2017

I just returned from our Introduction to High Performance Driving seminar where we introduce driver
ed, autocross and our famous car control clinic to drivers who have not yet participated in these activities.
The seminar was very well attended, which was so nice to see.
On the way home I was listening to the radio and the famous Janis Joplin song came on where she sings;
“All my friends drive Porsches, I must make amends…oh Lord, don’t ya buy me a Mercedes Benz..”
and I began to wonder how many songs actually reference or call out Porsche. So I started searching the
internet… (hey, it’s winter and it’s too cold to work on the car).
Savage Garden: “…So slide into your Jag, or Porsche baby,…” (All Around Me)
Joan Armatrading: “…He would die for a Porsche all covered up in chrome…” (Shape of a Pony)
Weird Al Yankovich: “…Just watch me pass that Porsche on the right…” (Belvedere Cruising)
Fresh Prince: “..We are doin’ 90 in my Mom’s new Porsche,…” (Parents Just Don’t Understand)
Someone told me that Roger Waters mentions “Porsche” in “It´s a miracle” from the album Amused To
The BAND: “…Miss Cristina drives a 944” (Welcome to the Boomtown)
Rod Stewart: “…Never gonna own a race horse or a fast-back mid-engine Porsche…” (True Blue)
Beck: “One’s on a Porsche, the other’s on a ….”
Juliana Hatfield: “…in a silver Porsche, polished and waxed…” (Road Wrath)
I then found a lyrics web site that claims to have identified 1065 song lyrics that have “Porsche” in them.
Wow, I wonder how many of them say something positive about Porsche versus negative.
So it seems that Porsche goes well beyond the car nuts I associate with and is often mentioned in songs.
I wonder how many songs reference Ferrari. Well, that lyrics site indicates only 897 hits. Poor Ferrari.
While writing this article I am simultaneously watching the last 3 ½ hours of the Rolex 24-hour race that
I recorded, and it looks like the Ferrari in GTLM just lost his engine….(oops!!). Gotta go.
See you around and be sure to take advantage of all NNJR has to offer.