NNJR Porsche Club Wine Tasting October 1, 2017

Submitted by Sharon Cohen

This was a spectacular event from start to finish. I was welcomed with a charming champagne to taste and thoroughly enjoyed every sip. The event was hosted by the Social Chairs Anthony and Cindy Cristello. I have not been to an NNJR wine tasting event in many years and this one brought back wonderful memories and new ones to cherish. Today’s wine tasting was full of warm and kind people talking and sharing Porsche stories and enjoying everything that was presented. Each wine was excellent and was paired with nothing less than gourmet food. I felt like I was at a gourmet banquet. I was fortunate to sit next to the New Member Liaison Chairs Nancy and Rudy Samsel. Maryls Thovson was kind enough to introduce me to them. Both were warm and energetic individuals making those around them feel comfortable and welcome at this event or any event coming up in the future. The event was held at the Paul Miller Porsche Showroom in Parsippany. The room was immaculate and decorated beautifully I thought I was at a posche gourmet restaurant. Bill Gilbert Dealer Liasion was there serving the champagne and informing people of upcoming events. His wife Kathy was busy doing many behind the scenes activiites. As at every event there are so many people involved in the preparation and presentation which takes time and effort never seen as everything always looks perfect. Thank you to everyone for making this such a special and memorable event. I would highly recommend attending future social events including this one as being with friends and sharing your Porsche stories is an enjoyable experience. Looking forward to attending future NNJR social events. In my opinion this club is the BEST!!!