Charity Milestone

Help others. Make a difference. Support the community. It’s the people.

What phrase or idea captures why our club, you members, support charity? Probably we all have our own reasons. Those reasons and our member’s enthusiasm combine to create a giving environment, as evidenced by the generous donations you have made in 2022. We will set another record this year of nearly $64,000 in donations. This is an almost 4-fold increase in giving over the past five years. (Check out our webpage.) But, it’s not all about sacrifice. We’ve had many good times supporting Charity. You may have been there at our spring event, Welcome to the Club, where you had an opportunity to meet some of the Cheshire Home residents at the car show and received a cheering-crowd sendoff on the pre-rally drive through. Here’s a great video reminder of that event.

What about Cruise Night? Thanks to the generosity of High Marques Motor Cars, we had a great opportunity to obtain donations in connection with the Sim Trailer. After all of this summer fun, it was time for our Fall Fundraiser. Now, to make it special in 2022 we helped celebrate Cheshire Home’s 40th year through support and attendance at their Gala. The event was an overwhelming success, raising over $280,000, with almost 20% of that coming from NNJR. Can I hear a WOW?

Wrapping up the year in Charity, we held our Gold Ticket Raffle drawing on December 14th. If you have not heard about this, get in line next year to buy a ticket. For a $50 ticket, the winner gains free entry to every NNJR event for the next year. Second prize is any six events of your choosing. Each year we sell about 200 tickets, so statistically your chance of winning is much better than the PCA raffle. In 2023 when you see lucky winners Brett Diamond and Kevin Schuler at the track give them a big high-five. And head over to find the Gold Ticket seller to get in on a great deal. All proceeds go directly to charity, so everyone wins.

Wrapping it all up, we see that despite worrisome inflation impacts on all of our household budgets and uncertain circumstances in the financial markets, our membership rallied to the cause of supporting Cheshire Home.