NNJR Road Rally Championship 2019 Results


NNJR-PCA Road Rally Series Standing – Announcement

By Peter Schneider

The NNJR-PCA Road Rally Committee is pleased to announce winners of the 2019 Road Rally Championship.

While the main purpose of the club’s rally program is social and to give our members the opportunity to get together five times a year to take our Porsche out for a ride on the back roads of Northern New Jersey. There is a minor competitive side of the events, for the pure ‘bragging rights’ of having your name engraved on one of four awards and the privilege of keeping the award in your home for a year until you turn it for to the next winner of the series. 

The series awards are presented at the annual holiday party, which will be held on December 6th at The Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, NJ.

Series standing are based on the best four out of six events and awarded to both Drivers and Navigators in two classes, Expert and Novice.

Points are awarded to each NNJR member competing in an individual Road Rally.

10 Points for 1st place (Driver or Navigator), 8 points for 2nd place, 7 points for 3rd etc. In the event of a tie on any individual event, matching points are awarded for both teams and the next place is skipped. For example, a tie for 1st place, both teams (Driver and Navigator) are awarded 10 points, but second place is awarded 3rd place series points (7 points)

Winner of the 2019 Road Rally Championship are:

Expert Driver: Dana Beaton / Duncan Findlay (Tied)

Expert Navigator: Michelle Rollman

Novice Driver: Bob Knapik

Novice Navigator: Lucille Knapik

Novice Navigator: Lucille Knapik