Dreyfus Rally 2019

Listed below are the results of the 2019 Dreyfus Rally. 58 teams can out to ‘Enjoy The Ride’ in Sussex country along new roads and ended the event at the historic Wallpack Inn located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The Inn was established 70 years ago, Jimmy Heigis our host at the restaurant, has lived at the Inn since it was founded by his parents in 1949. Back in ‘the day’, they served lobster with french fries and coleslaw for just $1.25.

The teams competing on the event travel a little over 68 miles and to find the correct answers to 25 questions, some of them tricky or hard to see.

First overall when to Chesapeake Region members Bob Gutjahr and Ellen Beck who got all the questions correct and were only a quarter of a mile off the official mileage. The Dreyfus Cup was awarded to Duncan & Britt Findlay, who were the highest placing NNJR members driving a Porsche. Britt and Duncan also got all the questions correct and placed 2nd overall by only 3.05 hundreds of a mile behind Bob & Ellen. A vertical tie for 1st place. 3rd overall went to Dana Beaton and Michelle Rolliman with one incorrect question and only 8.34 hundreds of a mile off the official mileage.
Best placing Novice team when to Greg & Donna Pierce, who placed 4th overall, answering all the questions correctly and were a little under four-tenths of a mile off the official mileage.
We would like to thank Event Chairperson John Vogt, Rallymasters Eric and Pat Sjogren for writing the event and finding all the great roads and Joanne and Peter Schneider for helping with registration and scoring and checking out the route. In total between these three groups, the route was driven over a dozen times to make sure all was ready for Sunday event. NNJR-PCA next rally will be in May 2020, hope to see you there.

Results PDF  here