Jack Daniels Tech Event Feb 10th

Jack Daniels Porsche Tech Event 

What’s going on under the hood of your Porsche? Premier of Classic Restoration  Project. And more! 

Where and When: 

335 Route 17 South 

Upper Saddle River, NJ 

Sat. Feb 10 10:30 AM – 1 PM ET 


The Feb 10 Tech Event at Jack Daniels Porsche will cover a range of subjects including  maintenance and technical information and Jack Daniels Porsche will premier their  Classic Restoration Project. This event is open for all Porsche enthusiasts.  

Time permitting, Jack Daniels Technicians will provide overview(s) of current service  projects at the dealership and also emerging technology within Porsche vehicles. 

The Tech Event will also provide the opportunity to meet with Jack Daniels personnel.  The Event will be a great way to meet and “talk cars” with fellow PCA Members in a  low key setting.