It’s that time or year again – Fixin & Cleanin the Porsche

While your vehicle was in hibernation, NNJR’s own “Fix it Fitz” Kevin Fitzsimmons was putting out new DIY “Fix-it” and “How to Concours” videos.  Fitz’s list has is pretty impressive.  You can click on any of the lines below or go directly to our NNJR-PCA Youtube channel HERE and select Concours or DYI Concours play lists
Or pick one of the videos directly from the links below:

Porsche Club of America Northern New Jersey Region 2022 Concours Overview

In this video an overview of the New Jersey Region 2022 Concours season, how to participate and what to expect will be described

Mar 8, 2022


Replacing Porsche climate control switches 1999 – 2008 Boxster and 911

In this video I go through replacing the Porsche climate control TEMP and FAN switches. Soft-touch paint had been used and over time this can wear off the surface of these two switches. This was a common issue on 1999 through 2008 model year Porsches

Feb 6, 2022


Removing 997 2 front bumper to deep clean AC Condensers Radiators and swap out broken horn

In this video a Porsche 997.2 front bumper is removed to allow for a deep clean of the AC Condensers, Radiators and also allow access to swap out a broken horn trumpet. The install is also reviewed.

Jan 4, 2022


Porsche 997 2 gear shifter boot and trim ring repair

In this video I show how I removed the shifter boot so that I could reattach the trim ring to secure the leather boot to the shifter knob on my 2009 Porsche 997.2

Dec 9, 2021


Porsche 997 2 Camshaft Position Sensor and Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid

In this video I discuss my rough running 997.2 with a flashing check engine light. Using a Durametric diagnostic tool error code P0010 intake camshaft driver, no signal /communications is the fault code. The camshaft position senor and the camshaft adjuster solenoid were replaced on both sides of the flat six engine.

Oct 3, 2021


Overview of areas that are judged in a Porsche Club Concours event

In this video an overview of the areas that are judged is provided specifically for the Street (Exterior, Interior), Full (Exterior, Interior, Storage), Master (Exterior, Interior, Storage, Engine)

Sep 14, 2021


NNJR Microfiber overview use and maintenance care

In this video I provide an overview of microfiber, point out some examples of options for washing, cleaning and polishing paint and glass and drying towels. In conclusion, I show how to care for your microfiber tools

Aug 6, 2021


Advanced Paint Protection ceramic coating

In this video I go through the paint preparation steps, environmental conditions required and technique for applying a ceramic coating

Jul 5, 2021

Detail approach Porsche Werks & Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance May 2021

In this video I discuss an approach to preparing your vehicle for a Concours plus images from Porsche Werks Reunion Amelia Island and the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance May 2021

Jun 8, 2021


Porsche 993 rear lid strut fuel and air filter change with deep clean

Porsche 993 rear trunk lid strut change. In order to gain access to the struts the I go through removing the air box and blower motor. With these components removed there is also good access to change the fuel filter and do a deep engine bay clean and add a layer of protection

May 9, 2021


Porsche 997 2 Spark Plug and Coil change with bumper and muffler removal

In this video I show how to remove the rear bumper and side mufflers to get to the engine to do a spark plug and coil pack change. With these components off the car I do an under-body and wheel well liner deep clean.

May 1, 2021


Porsche Air Filter change with engine bay detail

In this video I change the air filters on my 997.2 911 and use the opportunity to do an engine detail

May 1, 2021


Cleaning and protecting your convertible top

In this video I go through the steps I tale to clean and protect Porsche Boxster and Porsche 993 convertible tops

Mar 14, 2021


Safely washing road salt from your vehicle

In this video I show you how I safely removed road salt from my Porsche 997.2

Feb 21, 2021


Removing snow from your car

How to remove snow from your car, minimizing the chance of introducing scratches onto the paint.

Feb 6, 2021


997 2 Front Suspension strut removal and repair

In this video I go through removing the front strut from a 2009 Porsche C4S 997.2

Jan 31, 2021


Cleaning your Porsche Interior YouTube

In this video I take you through cleaning the interior of my 997.2. Area covered are carpets, steering wheel, dash, gauge cluster, headunit, doorcard, seatbelt, seats,

Jan 24, 2021


Deep cleaning and protection for wheel well area

While doing a brake pad and rotor change I take the opportunity to do a deep clean and add a layer of protection to the components in the wheel well of my Porsche 997.2 4S.

Dec 26, 2020


Winterize your Porsche YouTube

In the video I go through the steps I took to mechanically prepare my car for the winter including Coolant/anti-freeze change, oil change and putting the winter tires on the car. I then prepared the exterior by first washing and then applying a sealant to the paint, wheels and glass.

Nov 30, 2020


YouTube Water spot removal from auto

In this video I go through suggestions and a process to remove water spots from your car

Jul 25, 2020


YouTube Exterior and Interior Automotive Glass Cleaning

In this video I’ll take you through the products and techniques for cleaning the exterior and interior glass of your car.

Jul 5, 2020


YouTube 997 2 Tire and Wheel Cleaning

Tire and wheel cleaning

Jun 6, 2020


Hand wash and dry of a Porsche 997.2

In this video I take you through the steps to hand wash and dry your car with tips on how to minimize introducing swirls into the car’s paint.

May 15, 2020