• Drivers Log

    By Tom Swift THE STICK VERSUS THE PADDLE No, this is not going to be an article on instruments used by the Victorians for child corporeal punishment. That’s a bit passé, plus I’m not qualified to evaluate the physiological impacts, as all I know about psychology I learned from a college roommate (and he majored […]

  • Driver’s Log October

    By Tom Swift Road Trips and Fish Stories It is Labor Day and the much ballyhooed weather catastrophe of hurricane Hemine has proven to be mere weather channel click-bait. Suckered again. The driving season is winding down and with this increasingly comes that peculiar sadness of pre-post-season let-down. A bit like getting choked up over […]

  • Driver’s Log September

    By Tom Swift The Thrill of the CanAm DE In mid-July the NNJR DE program ventured north to Mosport, a track just east of Toronto. We hold the Canadian/American DE in partnership with the Upper Canada Region of PCA. As most of our members have not been to Mosport, I’d like to share some thoughts […]

  • Driver’s Log June

    Driver’s Log By Tom Swift Mother Nature Frowns on my First Event Our first driver education event each season has been for some years now at Lime Rock Park in early April. On a historical note, NNJR’s first track event ever was held at LRP in 1971, 45 years ago. While I have not been […]

  • Driver’s Log

    Driver’s Log By Tom Swift Ode to the Joy of the Long Distance Track Event It is now late March and I am writing this article sitting in a bar in a chateau in the Loire Valley in central France. One hour away from Le Mans. Anticipating having ambrosia for dinner, just like last night. […]