• 2016 Car Control Clinic – May 1st

    This year’s CCC has come and gone.  As always, it was a great event, made possible by many volunteers — especially the DE instructors who turned out in force to coach new drivers. The weather was great and terrible. It was great for driving – lots of low-friction slippery stuff to really learn car control […]

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    Autocross 2015 – Welcome! . . . a LOT is new . . .

    Autocross is, hands-down, the cheapest, safest, least time-consuming way for you to learn basic performance driving, push your car, and push your skills. It’s fun, informal and the crowd is welcoming. And if you have family members or friends, who are – horrors – Porsche-less, bring them in (more or less) whatever they have – its all good.

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    One Car at a Time

    Autocross is a one car at a time competitive event in which each driver negotiates his/her car through a course laid out with traffic cones. It is an exciting car handling and control competition held either in a large parking lot such as one of the newly paved MetLife Stadium lots or a road course such as the one at Englishtown’s Raceway Park. The course is electronically timed and is a race against the clock for the fastest time. Cars are penalized by two seconds for each cone knocked out of the box. Cars are grouped by class, depending on the type of car, to keep the classes competitive among themselves. Awards are given to the three fastest cars in each class and to the fastest overall time.

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    The History of Autocross

    Hi gang. By the time you read this we will have completed most of our events for the year with 1 or 2 left. While I was contemplating about what to write for this article, I starting thinking about where and when did Autocross start and I wonder if Autocross is the same around the world? Well, a little bit of research led to more and then some more… You get the picture. So here is a very condensed version of what I was able to find out thus far.