2023 Public Service Award given to NNJR

Congratulations NNJR Charity!   Thank you all

PCA Is an organization of over 150,000 car enthusiasts, whose motto is “It’s not just the cars it’s the people”. Each year to highlight that people connection, PCA recognizes the outstanding Regions. To quote “The PCA Public Service Awards recognize the Regions that have conducted the most outstanding charity or community service event or events during the year.” At the 67 th Porsche Parade held this June in Palm Springs, CA, NNJR was awarded second place, quite a recognition for the entirety of the US and Canada. More important, however, is the support NNJR gives to our targeted charity, Cheshire Home, an award winning rehabilitation facility located in Florham Park, NJ. Contributions by our members have made a difference to the lives of those clients who are experiencing the trauma of spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders. They are the true winners of our efforts.

To find out more about NNJR’s long tradition of supporting deserving charities and upcoming Charity Events, visit our Charity Page HERE