Technical Articles

How to Make Your Modern Porsche Survive a Driver Ed Event

By James Coleman and Knute Hancock The Technical Committee conducted a very successful Surviving Driver Ed workshop at Aspen Autosport on March 24.  We at NNJR truly appreciate the effort and preparation made by Matt Muller and his Aspen Autosports Team.  After coffee and refreshments provided by Shannon Muller (aka, the Boss), Matt started the meeting […]

Up on the Lift – Flemington Porsche

UP  ON  THE  LIFT To all  Porsche lovers, it is time to check the health of your Porsche.  April 21st  at Flemington Porsche in Flemington, from 10 AM to 12 PM, the Tech Committee will hold its 3rd annual  “Drive-Thru Porsche Service”  workshop.  This workshop is open to all members. However, it is especially targeted at those members who do […]

Tech Tactics 2018

Click here for details  TechTatics East 2018

9A1 Engine

TECHNICAL WORKSHOP By Jay Coates PORSCHE 9A1 ENGINE This article is intended to provide a brief, technical description of the Porsche 9a1 engine. Its design is robust and advanced. Main Differences from Predecessor M96 & M97 One of the main differences from the predecessors M96 & M97 is that the 9a1 engine has no IMS […]


By Grant Lenahan Of course it’s heart surgery. That’s why we had a cardiologist on the team. Also, being a curious sort, he wanted to understand better what made these Boxster beasts tick. And so, under the watchful expert guidance of Gene Kirschner and Ken Smith of Autohaus (Peapack, NJ), we undertook pulling the motor […]

Gearbox Tech

On November 8 Will DiGiovanni hosted an excellent and information packed tech at his race shop in Long Valley NJ, focusing on transmissions and in fact the entire drive train aft of the motor. Thanks Will for hosting and spending so much of your Saturday afternoon with us, when, imagine, you could have been raking […]