What is an NNJR Concours d’ Elegance

What is an NNJR Concours d’Elegance

A concours is a judged event where cars are prepared to “as delivered” condition. Points are deducted from a maximum possible value based on condition and cleanliness. Various concours rules are used depending on the level of competition. In simple terms, a Concours is a car show. The idea is to show your car in its most perfect condition (usually cleanliness and like new condition.) In general, each car starts out perfect and as the judge finds something amiss, points are deducted.

In Full class your cars exterior, interior and storage compartment will be looked at. In some events such as New Hope your engine will also be examined. When this is the case we will let you know in advance. We do not inspect undercarriages. Car in Wash and Shine (Peoples Choice) will be voted on by entrants and spectators. Race car class uses “French Judging”. The judges strictly do a visual inspection of the car. They are not allowed to touch it.

NNJR holds at least two Concours events each and additionally participates in the New Hope Car Show. Club members also attend the Zone 1 and National Parade Concours d’ Elegance. Points toward the yearly awards are awarded for these events and for workshop attendance. Our events are designed to be social in nature and participation by spouses, children or your significant other are encouraged.