What Happens at the Meadowlands Stays at the Meadowlands

 All right, not really but that sounded cool. Actually what happens at our events at the Meadowlands is talked about, debated and argued for several months after each event. We use what we learned to tweak our cars, our attitudes and most of all our reputations albeit strictly in our own minds. Yes, we can tell our friends and loved ones how incredibly fast we are and how knowledgeable we are but sooner or later the results (granted mostly later and sometimes never) get posted. OK boys and girls, this is one of those times when if you read all of our articles on preparation and strategy and got a good nights sleep in advance of the event and put your heart and soul into it, you actually have the right to brag that you are the fastest in your class (not kindergarten) on any given Sunday, especially July 31, 2011. Oh yes, these are actual results from that event. And by the way a special thanks to our X class and Audi Club drivers for bringing it and laying it all out there. Most of all the course setters for us this season were led by Perry Adlebaum of SCCA fame and our own Robert Ida.

 Audi ran two classes, A Series 1st place went to Nick Philips with 63.358 and S Series 1st Place was captured by Gordon Stiso with 62.498. OK now to the local Porsche members in our Novice Pax entries: Ken Ernsting in his beautiful GT3 topped the field with a 51.947, followed shortly there after by his son sporting a 53.948, not bad but I was rooting for Mike Teschner who in the top half of the field ran a 60.687 not to shabby for a guy who just bought his first P car. The Ladies Pax class was a battle all the way. Akemi Kane and Betsy Cafiero were in a cat fight all day with Akemi taking the win by a short margin of 629 one thousands of a second, NICE! Showroom Stock two season veterans fought it out at the top of their class Cayman versus Boxster, Chris Magdelinskas ripped a 52.566 over Grant Lenahan’s 54.492, yep the Cayman took it. S3 with the usual suspects on board Howard and Paul starring each other down again, high noon partner, but finishing on top of the pack George Patterson (here are the results) in his one owner since new 1973 Green 911E, wow now that is a lot of seat time in one car! S4 had Steve Birfitt with a 57.97. S5 dominated by Attila Catto, we have to tell him to put down the cigar while he is on the course, running 56.843. S7 class is always a huge battle, this date Kelly Conklin takes first reclaiming a podium spot for the Boxster with a blazing 54.273.
Here is the irony of this article, running in dead last in this class, your author and co-chair of the program Tom DePascale with a time only a Mother would be proud of 64.492. Some might say, wow, I wonder if he listens to his own advice, LOL. Now on the other hand my co-chair Tom Iervolino took first Place in his class S8, turning a 56.956, others might say I guess he listens to his own advice, still laughing out loud. 
S9 is strictly for those who dare in stock class, as there are few who dare to challenge Mike McDougall, reason why, how about 50.826. The improved class I2 Scott Studer collected first with a nice 53.697 and class I3 led by Lester Cheng with a 53.310. Now let the number speak for itself in I4 with 49 (yes 49) 49.995 our own Lou Hudyman and his black devil Cayman SSSSSSS. Modified was a classic battle also Rick Newman besting Adam McInnis by 0.328 seconds, do you realize how close that really is? For the Paxed X class Zibi Kaminski took the class over Jake Namer by 1.171 seconds, nice work even though Jake Namer took the events Raw time with an amazing, stupendous, incredible 49.272, now that is fast.
 Well until next months article you can still brag about the September 25 Meadowlands event and the October 2 event at Race Way Park at Englishtown, but remember we publish this magazine every month!
 On a serious note Tom and I certainly hope everyone enjoyed this season and we very much look foreword to next year.
  Tom and Tom