Springtime in the Poconos


If you have ever attended a DE at Pocono Raceway, you know that the Pocono weather can be unpredictable and quite fickle. When we used to hold our April Pocono events, we got everything from sun, rain, fog, sleet and snow. And that was just in Turn 3 as Turn 1 could have completely different weather.

This was no different for our 2015 Ladies Day and 2-day regular DE which was held on June 26-28. The forecast for Ladies Day was rain and clouds, but we had a wonderful day of sun and low humidity.

We had a great turnout for Ladies day and everyone had a blast. The ladies attended their morning classroom and then moved on to their mini car control clinic. The clinic was fun to watch as you can see the drivers getting faster and faster in the VERY LONG slalom. The braking exercise was a hoot as this particular group of ladies really put the hammer down and flew down the straight ending in an “emergency” foot to the floor brake. They then moved on and drove in their respective Green and Yellow run groups and really did quite well. The feedback from the instructors has been very positive and we are hoping that these drivers join us at another NNJR event in the future.

The rest of the run groups went off without a hitch and everyone got their four, 24 minute sessions. The weather and the track conditions we absolutely perfect and made a great day even better (I even set a personal best on the North Course; 58.2 seconds).

It was off to dinner next – the famous Paul Miller Ladies Day Dinner. We started off with a happy our and some great Hors D Oeuvres and then a buffet dinner.

THEN CAME SATURDAY and the famous Pocono weather (uh oh). Well, let us just say it could have been better but with a bit of positive spirit and creativeness, most everyone had a great time and kept dry. We did manage to get most runs in but had to call it quits once the rain got too heavy. One of our Instructors (Sandy – Knute’s daughter) had a smile on her face no matter what. Maybe that was because she had dry feet. LOL

Some of our other Instructors found a good use for their balaclavas and made good use of the down time and the rain.

I guess he figured he could do something productive and use the nice soft water (rain) as a final rinse. We were trying to get him to wash our cars without success. Oh well.

At some point it did get a bit cooler out so people found lots of different ways to stay warm.


All-in-all, we did have some great fun and everyone made the best of the good and the bad weather.

We have some great events coming up and I hope to see you out there on track.

Tom Iervolino, NNJR – Track Chair