President’s Letter 2022


The only constant is change.

I’ve said it in the past, but has it ever been more true?  As your newest president to carry the NNJR torch, I entered 2022 with cautious optimism.  We were slowly removing many of the pandemic restrictions that had prevented us from gathering in close proximity for the past two years, and things appeared to be getting back to “normal.”  Anyone trying to navigate life in the last two years can remember how difficult it was in the early part of 2020, and I have to thank Janice and the board members who managed the club through it.

As we hurtle towards Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer, I’m hopeful that we can meet in person, bump fists (are we still shaking hands?), and share a beverage while admiring our cars.  Now, let’s discuss change.  

Just yesterday Porsche debuted the Cayman GT4-E performance.  An all-electric racecar.  This comes after Porsche’s foray into Formula E, the Taycan, and the announcement of the next gen Boxster being all-electric.  Change is good, right?  I’ll admit that the Taycan is a pretty amazing car.  You also can’t fault the acceleration or the weight distribution of most battery powered vehicles (all the weight down low and in the middle).  But do they spark (pun intended) the passion and excitement of a traditional ICE car?  That remains to be seen.

Moreover, will racing and track day fans take to them?  As a dedicated “DE guy” I’m not sure I’m ready to hear the inevitable; “I would have passed you-but my battery was running low” excuses.  Jump packs will have a whole new meaning and folks will talk about the good old days when carburetors iced over and fuel pumps vapor locked.  Will extension cords replace red gas containers?  Change is constant and it is coming.

I’ll close out this letter with a look forward and back.  This year we celebrate NNJR’s 65th anniversary and I’m looking forward to our anniversary party in June.  Please join us if you can.  It will be a fantastic celebration.  I also need to look back and celebrate Dennis Thovson who left us this year after 50+ years of service to the Porsche Club of America.  Dennis held every role imaginable including national president, VP, treasurer, parade chair, and the person responsible for starting NNJR’s very successful DE program.  As we look forward to our 65th gathering, let’s also look back to thank those that got us here.  Without the changes they made, we would not have the club we enjoy today.  Thank you.

Richard Barry – NNJR-PCA President