President’s Letter 2018

The Porsche Club of America is a collection of some 144 regional clubs spread across the US and Canada, with about 80,000 primary members. As such, it is the largest single marque car club in the world. Each of the regional presidents is a part of the PCA Board. PCA has a national staff to assist the regions across the entire variety of activities we engage in, ranging from setting standards for activities like Driver Education to obtaining group insurance policies. The regions are grouped into 14 zones, each with a leader called the Zone Representative, whose job is to assist the regions in securing support from national and to facilitate exchange of information among the regional presidents.

We just held the semi-annual Zone 1 President’s meeting in Albany NY. The timing was not fortuitous, since a Nor’easter hit the day before, rendering travel painful if not dangerous. I travelled up the morning of the meeting, arriving late. Our national president Caren Cooper was supposed to fly in, but her flight was cancelled. Mike Bryan, from Upper Canada Region, is our Zone Rep and very dedicated to helping the regions in any way. The agenda for the meeting covered regional activities as well as best practices that can be applied within the regions. The ability to compare notes with the presidents of nearby regions is really quite helpful.

Zone 1 is the largest PCA region, with some 15,000 primary members. NNJR, with nearly 2300 primary and 1500 affiliate members, is one of the largest regions in the country, although within our region UCR has more members. PCA started in 1955 in what became the Potomac Region. Three new regions were created at the same time in 1957, one of which was NNJR, so we are in a three-way tie for second-oldest region.

I wonder what NNJR will be like 60 years hence?