One Car at a Time


Autocross is a one car at a time competitive event in which each driver negotiates his/her car through a course laid out with traffic cones. It is an exciting car handling and control competition held either in a large parking lot such as one of the newly paved MetLife Stadium lots or a road course such as the one at Englishtown’s Raceway Park.
The course is electronically timed and is a race against the clock for the fastest time. Cars are penalized by two seconds for each cone knocked out of the box. Cars are grouped by class, depending on the type of car, to keep the classes competitive among themselves. Awards are given to the three fastest cars in each class and to the fastest overall time.

Autocross is a fun event with a lot of opportunity to meet other members. Your individual speed and experience is important only to you. After a few runs your speed will improve and so does  your self­ confidence. Just listen to what our members have to say:

“I did not believe the amount of adrenaline that was generated in a parking lot full of Porsches and cones. It was GREAT! Tires squealing, engines revving, brakes grabbing, and I never got out of second gear!”
Michael H. Teschner

“Who should be coming to Autocross? Everybody! Autocross is for everybody from the new owner of his or her first sports car to the seasoned track enthusiast with their dedicated race car.” Instructor: Ken Ernsting

NNJR holds an annual Car Control Clinic as well as an Autocross School. Both are a great way to learn the art of Autocross and explore the limits of your Porsche.

For beginners NNJR­PCA has everything you need to get started. All you need to do is show up in your car. The club has an instructor group comprised of some of the top auto­crossers in the country whose pleasure it is to help you learn the art of autocross. You are required to wear a helmet but if you don’t have one, no need to worry, we have a loaner for you. No special equipment or modifications to your car are needed. Pure stock from the factory is just fine. And unlike DE, cabriolets are not required to have a roll bar.
So, sign­up and see what all the excitement is about. Go onto and sign up for an NNJR­PCA AutoX event.


Contact autocross@nnjr­