May Programs Update

Intro to Driver Education

Our Monthly Gathering in March was well attended and hosted by Janice and Ken Ernsting which was appropriate for the Intro to Driver Education platform of the meeting. Janice is our Track Chair and Vice President of NNJR and Ken is an experienced, knowledgeable and motivating Driver Education Instructor. They did a great job presenting club material, making it interesting adding stories and comments with the help of other instructors in attendance. Thank you guys for making it a success.

Prescott Kelly

Please join us May 21st for Speaker, Prescott Kelly. Prescott specializes in Porsche 964, 993 RSs, GT2s and Turbo Ss, amongst other rare autos. He is a contributing editor to Sport Car Market, Porsche Panorama and 356 Registry Magazine and owner of Original Only Once Collectible Autos. We are looking forward to hearing “Car Guy” Prescott Kelly, share his stories with us.