This time of year while many NNJR member thoughts turn to a beautiful and relaxing ride though the New Jersey countryside in their Porsches to view the changing colors of autumn, the New Members thoughts turn to the second of the Clubs New Member Reception. With this in mind we began the planning several weeks ago. This included selecting the menu for the hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, making sure the chairs for the clubs programs are notified to be present and preparing the information packets we give to each new member. All this being accomplished prior to the event, we were confident the evening would go well.
 The evening of the event we decided to leave extra early to avoid arriving late as happened at the last event due to heavy traffic on 287. Arriving at the Villa, we set up our New Member table and were ready in plenty of time to greet the New Members. Shortly the Event Chairs arrived and we were ready for the New Members. As each arrived we greeted them, gave them there information packet and introduced them to the Event Chairs. While this was going on, the staff at the Villa put out the food. At this point for some reason most of the attendees gravitated to the end of the room where the food was. Go figure! Anyway the New Members got to meet the Event Chairs, have their questioned answered and have some great food while sharing their Porsche stories.

 At 8 pm Club President Bob Michaelson called the regular meeting to order. We then called the New Members to the front of the room, introduced them to the members and asked them to tell us about their Porsche and what activities they plan on participating in. All seemed eager to participate in future events with the majority expressing a desire to explore the limits of the car’s performance through attendance in DE events. Afterwards the good looking bunch posed for a group picture.
 Next up was the Picture Night conducted by long time club member and professional photographer Dom Miliano. The members in attendance got a real treat. Member’s submissions ranged from Porsche related to landscapes and every subject in between. This year Dom decided to make a change in the selection process for the top prize. Instead of making the decision himself, it would be a people’s choice. When all the ballots were counted Larry Schmidt was the winner of the Bill Walsh Memorial Trophy with his stunning picture of Al Holbert in the toe of the boot at Watkins Glen in 1975. Congratulations Larry!
 If you are a new member and missed the reception, we invite you to the next New Member Reception that will be held one hour prior to the April 2012 meeting. But if you have not been to a meeting yet, please come to the next monthly meeting as we would very much like to meet you.