Dear Santa

Dear Santa: I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I still can’t quite decide amongst the possibilities for a new, upgraded track machine. A 991 GT3RS would be lovely. A friend just traded his cup car for one and keeps needling me about how much easier it is to put on track and how much easier it is to drive, PDK and all. There is much to be said for reducing the work required of one’s hobby. On the other hand, that is a street car, and no street car is as good on track as a race car, so maybe you can bring me a 911 RSR, with the sequential gearbox? On the other other hand, that car really requires an engineer and pit crew, which I don’t think I can ask you for. So how about a 991 cup car, with the paddle shifter? On yet another other hand, I still get thrills when I execute a perfect heal and toe downshift, so maybe a 911R would be perfect? Yes, I know they are hard to get, but certainly you have some pull in Zuffenhausen? On the final other hand, that car is missing some key aero bits and isn’t a full race car, so maybe the best choice is a 996 GT3 Cup? Thank you, Santa, for helping me think this through.

Your friend Tommy.