Cranberry Harvest Hike & ‘Off-Road’ Trek

Cranberry Harvest Hike & ‘Off-Road’ Trek
October 4, 2020

In association with the Whitesbog Preservation Trust &
Brought to you by the same team that conducts the
“Pine Barrens ‘Off-Road” Excursion”

The only PCA event of it’s type in North America!

Less than Two Weeks Away!

If you own a Cayenne, Macan, SUV / Pickup Truck, Tow Vehicle or any four wheel drive vehicle, this is
the event for you.

Come experience the ‘off-road’ trails, Cranberry Bogs and the beautiful New Jersey Pine Barrens in a safe and family friendly venue.

This event has no age restrictions, so bring the entire family, bring your own snacks or lunch. NNJR-PCA member Peter Schneider in association with the Whitesbog Preservation Trust are presenting a dual event, a Cranberry Harvest Hike and a short “Off-Road” Trek on some of the same sand trails used on NNJR-PCA’s Pine Barrens “Off-Road” Excursion.

Due to the current restrictions in place in New Jersey the annual November event has been canceled for 2020, but this event is being offered as a Social Distance option to experience a small sampling of what is in store for 2021.

11:30 AM – Meet at the Whitesbog Village Parking Lot

Noon – Participate in the Cranberry Harvest Hike (optional)

1:00 PM – Explore the sand trails on an organized Trek.

2:30 PM – Visit the famous Emery’s Farm Market & Bakery

3:00 PM – Depart for home

The morning will include time to explore Whitesbog Village, birthplace of the commercial Blueberry Industry and shop on the front porch of the old time General Store to purchase local produce, including products by Pine Barren Native Fruits who have hosted us in the past at their “Sand Storage Area” a great way to say thank you for their support of the Pine Barrens “Off-Road” Excursion.

At 12 noon we will depart on an optional guided hike of the Cranberry Harvest conducted by the Whitesbog Preservation Trust. Pre-registration for the hike is requested. $10.00 Per person. Please select the 12 noon hike on October 4, 2020 to be part of the group – Link. If the noon hike is officially sold out do not be concerned, NNJR-PCA walk-ins are welcome – just pay in cash the day of the event.

Whitesbog is one of the only public places in New Jersey during 2020 that will be leading guided tours of Cranberry Harvesting. We will be social distancing and when in close proximity to others (i.e. less than 6 feet), you will be required to wear a mask.

As always, you will see cranberries on the tour but we cannot guarantee that wet harvesting and floating cranberries will be visible. We are respectful of the farmers from Pine Barrens Native Fruits and give them space to work, so we recommend you bring binoculars or a long lens camera to catch the action. We will try and get you as close as possible.

Most tours will require walking 1 mile or so, but there are places to pull one car over if you need to drive to the locations.

Tours also include cranberry farming features of Whitesbog Historic Village, vintage labels and local cranberry products including salsa, jams and chutneys at the Whitesbog General Store. All tour proceeds benefit the nonprofit that maintains and promotes the historic village! There will be no refunds.

After the Cranberry Harvest Tour we will take a short Trek on the Sand Trails of the historic bogs and maybe a trip to a local sand pit. The Trek is Free just drop us a note at Offroad@NNJR-PCA.COM to register. Walk-ins are welcome.
After the Trek we will visit Emery’s Farm Market and Bakery, one of the best bakeries in New Jersey. There you will be able to purchase fresh baked local pies and breads prior to your trip home.

Event is open to all NNJR members as well as other PCA Regions and non-members.

The only requirements are that your vehicle has 4 wheel drive and four inches of ground clearance, and sign a waiver at the event.

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