Concours Corner – Nov 2018

Concours Corner

The last Concours event in 2018 was a workshop held at ID Signs, Hackensack, New Jersey.  The event was graciously hosted by Jose & Pattie Delacruz.  Their Son Max stole the show since he Concoured Dad’s beautiful Red Targa.  The workshop was held to show all attendees how a vehicle is judged at Concours events.  Max worked through lunch polishing an preparing the Porsche. Chris & Jeff recruited Hank Menkes and Kevin Fitzimmons into the actual judging.  They did not let a single area go untouched.  Max scored very high scores since even the Concours experts could not find very many flaws.  I think we now have Jose convinced that his Porsche is concour ready.  A wonderful lunch was provided and everyone loves the workshop and all the memorabilia.  The event also determined the outcome of the Concours championship.  For as long as we can remember no championship ended like this:

Veteran Tie

Robert Hensuet

Dominic Cerrato

Novice Tie

Alan Zambrano

Paul Armstrong

This was a very competitive year, the winners are still arguing.  We are planning next year with some changes in store, Plus the NNJR Zone 1 event.