Concours Corner 2016

Concours Corner 2016
By Chris Erven and Jeff Erven, NNJR Concours Chairs

The Gathering of the Faithful Concours Workshop was held on March 20 at the infamous John Vogt High Marques breakfast boutique and motor car emporium. John really was prepared with tables, table cloths and Porsche center pieces. The only thing missing were candles. The event was attended by 60 members per the sign in sheet, but I suspect closer to 100 members attended. We are still tabulating the tonnage of goodies consumed as expertly prepared by John, his wife, daughter and brother Bob. Concours enthusiasts sure can eat.
Now for the entertainment section…. John Vogt welcomed everyone to his breakfast buffet, he told a few jokes and stories. He introduced Dave Schostkewitz who brought his beautiful handcrafted aluminum motor cycle. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name but I believe it is one of one. John let Murray Kane speak for two minutes to advertise the Zone 1 Event to be held on May 13-15 at Westbury Long Island, NY. He then turned the floor over to Chris Erven.
Chris gave a review of upcoming concours events and then jumped right into the door prizes. In the past, little tickets were passed around, most people lost them or left before they were given out. Chris in a new plan to change things up, made the participants work for their prizes. Questions were asked in each class to get everyone familiar with the classes and then award the correct answer with a little match box Porsche. Believe it or not, some people were stumped. Any disputes had to be submitted to Google. A few folks ran for their prizes but in the end, no one was trampled. This was a test, next time we will be giving out more useful door prizes, no, no full size Porsches.
Twenty six concours veterans and novices attended the Judging Seminar. We would like to thank Chris, proprietor of All In The Details for the use of his shop for the presentation. Chris can provide any supplies for your detailing needs and also offers great detailing services. We also want to thank the panel of judges who expertly answered questions concerning judging; Tony Cristello, Jeff McFadyen, Phil Stern and Fred Simonson. Handouts on judging guideline and score sheets were distributed. The 2016 Judging Teams are now ready to venture into a new season. We plan on having a competitive but fun season. We invite all members to bring out their cars. Even if you are hesitant to compete, we will help you learn how to preserve your Porsche for years to come.
The next Concours event will be the Welcome to the Club Concours and Rally, held on Sunday, June 12 at Employment Horizons, 10 Ridgedale Avenue, Cedar Knolls, NJ, 8am for set up and 10am for the judging. The rally starts at 11am.