Concours Corner

The next concours event will be returning to a venue from years past. It will be held on October 9 at Lewis Morris Park, Doe Run Picnic Area, 270 Mendham Rd, Morristown, NJ. Registration starts at 8 a.m. Judging starts at 10 a.m.  Early birds may arrive earlier for prep if they wish. The venue has indoor restrooms, an adjacent parking lot and plenty of tables under shade trees. There also is a playground for children and youthful entrants. This event is the last judged event of the NNJR concours season and should provide an excellent showing for all that competed throughout the season and learned the tricks of the trade, so to speak. This fall event should be cooler, and it becomes easier to make an extra efforts in all the areas the judges are looking for: ■■ Touch up any chips or scratches, no points will be deducted. Give the Porsche a good coat of wax to make it POP. ■■ Clean off brake dust on outer wheel surfaces. If the barrel is dirty it is a good idea to clean for presentation only, no points deducted if dirty. ■■ Turn mirror and clean the hinge surfaces. Also clean hinges on doors, hatch and hood.
■■ Make sure to clean windows and mirror surfaces, exterior and interior, wipe in both directions to eliminate streaking. For tight windows, bring the children. ■■ Remove all floor mats and vacuum all floors, storage compartments, anywhere dust or lint can be found. ■■ Clean behind sun visors and mirrors. ■■ On exterior trim try Back to Black to make it POP. ■■ Apply tire dressing, not greasing but keep in mind, we do not want to see any brown tires. ■■ For the masters class with engine judging, clean, clean, clean. ■■ Remove all items from the interior and storage areas.  ■■ Layout out your toolkit.
The masters class is new this year. Some enthusiasts wanted to create more competition so we designed a competitive class for any type of Porsche that included engine judging. The entrants enjoy competing against one another and the new class has been well received. Points have been very close. At the Welcome to the Club event Vic Ingram won with his
gorgeous 1955 356 silver Continental. At the Brookrace Picnic Concours Murray Kane won with his pristine 1992 964 black Turbo. Even a few novices entered this class and placed well. All other classes do not include the judging of engines. The concours chairs also give out a special award for the Porsche they like but may not have scored well. It is an award given to a Porsche that is presented well, that shows a lot of effort has been put into preparation. Russ Arnone received this award at the Welcome to the Club event with his 174 black 914LE. John Vogt won at the Brookrace Picnic event. He was brave enough to bring his Ultralight to a Porsche event. We had to pry him out of his car. Concours does not have to be toothpicks and Q-Tips. It’s about effort, presentation, and overall cleanliness. It is an intro to maintaining the overall appearance of your Porsche. There is evidence that in Porsches with well maintained exteriors the mechanicals will be maintained just as well. Yes, It’s about the Porsches, but even more so about the friends and people you meet