Concours 2012: Welcome to the Club and Zone 1 Wrap Up

Our first judged event of the season was held on May 5 at the Somerset Hills Learning Institute in Bedminster, New Jersey. SHLI was by far the best venue we ever had for an early season event. The facility was beautiful and possessed all the necessary attributes to create a blockbuster Concours event.

As with any Concours event, weather is always our biggest concern. The forecast was for a sunny day with temperatures in the low 70’s. In reality we had a foggy, misty day with temperatures hovering in the mid 50’s. Needless to say, we were all concerned about the level of participation with this type of weather. But as the 8:00am hour rolled around, the sound of flat 6’s filled the air as the faithful NNJR Concours enthusiasts began to enter the lot. By judging time, close to 30 cars filled the lot as their owners feverishly prepared for a perfect showing.

Fourteen of the total participants comprised the Novice class, which is a tremendous showing for new members. In the Early 911 class, we had two Novice competitors. In second place with his red 1984 911 was Alex Rubin and taking the first place position was Greg Huljack with his well prepared 1985 911 Targa. Greg managed to score 223.6 out of a possible 225 points. This is a stellar first showing and a car to keep an eye on throughout the season.

The Mid 911 class had five competitors. Greg Rahman made an excellent showing with his 2001 996, along with Marcio Razuk with his beautiful 1996 993. Placing third in the Novice Mid 911 class was Bruno Guarini with his stunning black 2004 996TT cab. In second place was Haresh Patel who brought his eye popping 2001 Ruf 911 RGT. Bringing home the first place trophy was Manny Irula’s 2001 996TT with a fantastic score of 223.1.

Lastly, we have the Late 911 class. With seven overall Novice competitors, this was the most competitive class. Bob Barnak had a nice showing with a score of 204.7. Next on the list was William Downey with a score of 207.8. Michael Li, brought home a score of 211.9 with Rebecca Mamone nudging Michael out by less than one point with a total of 212.5. Raul Pawar took the third place position with his 2007 911 with a score of 213.5. The first and second place winners pushed the level of competition up by several notches. David Bachrach, who took second with a score of 220.9, presented a mind blowing Aqua Blue 2012 997 turbo S that was as clean as it was beautiful. The first place trophy was taken by Matthew Muller with his both stunning and rare 2011 997 GT3RS 4.0L. Matthew pulled down a score of 224.3 for his first Concours, only 0.7 off a perfect score. Excellent showing!!!

The Veteran class truly brought out the best of the best. In the 356 class, Jerry Manna took a first with an impressive score of 224.5 for his well prepared 1961 cabriolet. Tod Worden took a first place for his 16,000 original mile 1974 914. Tod pulled an equally impressive score of 224.5.

In the Early 911 group, Murray and Akemi Kane presented their 1985 911 for a score of 214.9. The first through third positions were separated by only 0.4 of a point. Coming in third was Arnold Solomon with his amazing Guards Red 1989 911 turbo cab and a score of 224.2. In Second was Ed Neighbour with his always well prepared 1978 911 coupe and a score of 224.3 and taking home the first place win was Fred Simonson and his stunning 1989 911 turbo look cab. Fred also managed to achieve the highest score of the day with a total of 224.6. The Mid 911 class was won by Steve Kroger and his silver 1997 993 cabriolet.

The Late 911 class title was bestowed upon Joe Smith with his beautiful 2005 997 Carrera. Joe had a total score of 222.5. We also had a Boxster class which was won by Jeff Erven with a total score of 219.8. In the front engine 924/944/928 class, Bob Knapik took top honors with his 1987 924S and a score of 218.9.

As I have said many times, NNJR Concours is a family and without the help of all the Veterans when it comes to judging and participation, the events would not be successful. So a big thank you goes out to Ed Neighbour, Jerry Manna, Fred Simonson, Warren Gisser, Steve Kroeger, Ed Vasquez, and Murray and Akemi Kane for all their help. This year we started an apprentice judging program and we had the assistance of Joe Smith join the team as well.

The Concours program owes a huge debt of gratitude to Dennis and Marlys Thovson for all their help in making the event an overwhelming success. Murray and Akemi Kane, the New Member Chairs, are the architects of this amazing event.  Their incredible level of detail and endless promotion made this event truly memorable. Also, to John Vogt for his ability to inspire the membership for a massive 32 team turn out for the Rally portion of the event.

Congratulations to all the participants for their strong efforts in our first judged event of the NNJR Concours season.  I look forward to seeing what this group will produce for the rest of our judged season.

The Zone 1 competition was held on May 19 at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline Massachusetts. As usual, NNJR dominated the event with several first place wins and even a Best in Show. In the 356 class, Jeff and Margie McFadyen brought home the first place win and the coveted Best In Show. The 911 class (1990’s) saw our 2011 Mulhern Winners, Murray and Akemi Kane, bring home the first place trophy. Lastly, in the People’s Choice division of the event, Donna Paterek took first place in the 356 class. I thank these individuals for showing their talent and representing the NNJR program on a regional level. Their accomplishments shed a bright light on the strength of our program and quality of car that it consistently turns out.

As the season begins to get into full stride, our next event will be the 55th annual NNJR Celebration held at the prestigious Harbor Hills Day Camp in Mendham NJ. Following on August 12 will be the Multi Mark Concours in New Hope PA. Lastly, on September 9 will be the amazing Red Mill Museum Concours D’Elegance. Please check the ads in Porscheforus for all the details. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding any of the above events at