Concours Corner

A new season will soon be upon us. While our prized Porsches are tucked away for the winter, we start thinking about the NNJR 2017 concours season.  There will be a total of 9 events which you can attend, 5 workshops and 4 concours judged events. In addition to our NNJR events there are also […]

Concours Corner January 2016

The final event of Concours 2015 was the annual ID Signs Workshop. This year’s workshop was a change from previous years focus on Winter Preparation to professional product demonstration and a Do It Yourself (DIY) session. We wish to thank Jose, Patty and Max DeLaCruz for hosting us and providing a great lunch. Danny Grenier […]

Concours Corner 2014 (April)

The first Concours of the 2014 Season is coming up on Saturday May 3rd. This article is follow-on to the February article which covered concours preparation before leaving home for the event. As you leave for the event on May 3rd your Porsche should be in “ready to show condition”. By the time you get to the show field you have driven through the environment even if it is only a few miles and there will be brake dust on the wheels, bugs on the windshield, and maybe some tree sap on the paint. None of this is hard to deal with, but if you don’t plan for it, and leave time before the start of judging to address it, you may be disappointed with your score.

Concours Corner 2014 (Febuary)

As is customary for NNJR the first judged concours event of the season is planned for the first Saturday of May. That is just about 3 months from the delivery of this edition of “Porschsforus.” The focus of this article is to give you an idea of how to get your Porsche ready for the concours season, including how to use the resources offered by the NNJR Concours Group.

Starting with February there is one event each month leading up to the May concours that can help you get ready. In February the “Dent Man” event will give you an opportunity to have any door dings or other minor dents removed by the expert. You will be able make an appointment to bring your Porsche to Flemington Porsche and have the “Dent Man” work on it at a discounted rate.
The Gathering of the Faithful event in March is an opportunity to get together with the “Concours Clan” to talk Porsches. The concours judges will be there for a workshop and will be glad to give you pointers on preparing your Porsche for the first event of the year.

Zone 1 Concours

  Zone 1 consists of 18 PCA Regions of the Northeast United States and Eastern Canada. Once a year and usually in May one Region is selected to host the Zone 1 Comcours & Rally. Unlike other years this event is planned for September and will be hosted by the Northeast Region. PCA members from […]

January Concours Corner January 2014

Happy New Years all! We hope you all had a great start to your New Year, are staying warm and keeping true to your resolutions. Of course you could also be like us and out on the slopes braving the cold. One of our resolutions we are keeping was to get in as much skiing as possible. This is one of the activities we look forward to in the winter when the automotive season has little to offer. With the coming of the New Year comes a major change in the leadership of the Concours program as the dynamic duo of Craig Ploetner and Hank Menkes depart after three years of jointly running the program during which we have witnessed unprecedented growth in participation of our workshops and concours events. Under their leadership the NNJR Concours program has truly become one of the most dynamic and respected in PCA. The proof of that shows at every regional, zone and national event as NNJR members consistently place in the top of their class wherever they show. Thanks guys for a great job! We hope both of you will remain active in the coming years.

What is an NNJR Concours d’ Elegance

What is an NNJR Concours d’Elegance A concours is a judged event where cars are prepared to “as delivered” condition. Points are deducted from a maximum possible value based on condition and cleanliness. Various concours rules are used depending on the level of competition. In simple terms, a Concours is a car show. The idea […]

Implements of Mass Beautification

Now that the holiday season is past and Porsche enthusiast’s thoughts are turning to warm weather activities, it is time to once again consider the proper way to care for and clean your prized vehicle. At past concours workshops Craig and I, as well as our guest presenters, talked much about preferred products and the proper methods of application. The best products and intentions, however, can go awry without the proper tools to apply and remove those products. This article will highlight some of those critical and labor-saving tools used in each step of general cleaning or prepping for a concours event.

ID Signs 2012 Wrap Up

As another amazing NNJR Concours season comes to a close, we had the pleasure of hosting our final workshop at ID Signs in South Hackensack, NJ. Jose DeLaCruz, the owner of ID Signs, put together a fantastic buffet for the crowd. This amazing epicurean delight was more fitting of a wedding than a Concours workshop. Jose is the consummate host and has one of the best facilities to run an indoor event. The topic du jour was winter storage and car care. This was the second year for the event which continues to draw one of the most inquisitive and involved crowds of our workshop season. With over 50 Porsche enthusiasts on hand we began our event. Hank and I divided the day into two sections, drivers and sleepers. I took the driver portion of the event with Hank taking the sleepers. As you might imagine the driver portion focused on the necessary steps involved in taking care of your car if you plan on driving it through the winter.

Robb Francis Sports Cars – Concours on the Green

The scene was set for one of the most picturesque concours events NNJR has ever hosted. Our stunning venue was the beautiful estate of Robb Francis in Bernardsville NJ. The five acres of manicured lawns accented by a serene pond provided a back drop that most concours organizers could only dream about. As the sound of big band jazz music filled the air from the speakers around the resort like pool, the stage was set for another NNJR block buster.

The key to any great concours event is the weather. This was the one element not in our favor. The forecast was for apocalyptic thunder and hail storms to blanket the area at any given time. Both Hank and I were getting phone calls from concours participants voicing their concerns about the dismal forecast. Nevertheless, by 8:30am the crowd started to file in. Almost everyone who pulled up had a tale of sour weather to tell. But upon arrival at our tranquil estate for the day, all concerns were quickly alleviated.