DATE:     Thursday, May 12, 2016

PLACE:    The Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ

PRESENT:    Tom Swift, Tom Iervolino, Cindy Cristello, Janice Ernsting,  Anthony Wartel, Nelly Wartel, Matt Fine, Chris Erven, Jeff Erven, Bill Gilbert, Steve Corodemus, Stu French, Dennis Thovson, Marlys Thovson, Jose DeLaCruz, Scott Lynn, Michele Lynn, Knute Hancock, Tony Cristello, Ken Casterline, Walter Sliwa, Jeff Cafiero, Petra Swift, Murray Kane

ABSENT:     Grant Lenahan,, Bob Knapik, Sharon Doherty, Akemi Kane, Craig Mahon, Drew Karpinski, James Coleman, John Vogt, Leslie Schrem, Ed Pepe

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President, Tom Iervolino, at 7:33 pm

APPROVAL of MINUTES: See Motions Passed Prior to Meeting (below).

AGENDA:    [Agenda items in bold; meeting outcome in italics]
1.       Updates to Old Business
a.       Finances – Budgets, cash flow, etc…. Janice Ernsting reviewed the protocol for tracking expenses and requesting reimbursements.Our club follows the PCA National guidelines and IRS requirements which means receipts are required for bona fine reimbursements (in excess of $75). Receipts should include (at a minimum); vendor name, address, item description, and purpose of item. Scanned receipts are acceptable.

Chairs are further asked to notify Janice if they anticipate ‘large’ expenditures

b.      Web site updates – Jeff C. Our new website is 1 year old! Within the last month or so, some event dates have changed, so chairs are asked to please review their content and let Jeff know if any updates are needed. Also, it is very important that the email alias “” is used for ALL updates relative to p4usu or the website/calendar

2.       Updates/Redirections to Written Reports to BOG
[updates appear following each respective report]

3.       New Business
a.       June 8 Cruise Night (which has turned into a nice Summer Picnic and People’s Choice Concours) – We will need the full support of the BOG and will need to map out who will do what to pull this off.
I am not sure who has the “checklist” of everything that needs to covered but I am thinking that Drew, or Michele, etc…. has this list; please send it to me ahead of the meeting. – Bill Gilbert will set up a sign up list of items needed for the event on BOG members are encouraged to volunteer to ensure a successful event. Assistance is NOT restricted to BOG members  — anyone is welcome to assist!

b.      NNJR 60th Anniversary Committee – Creation of committee and Chairperson discussion. Cindy Cristello will lead the planning effort for our 60th Anniversary celebration events and various committees will be formed to execute … please contact Cindy if interested in helping!

c.  P4US Editor – Michele Lynn has advised that she will need to step down as Editor in the near future. An Editorial Board has been convened to (i) aid in the selection of the next editor and (ii) assume short term responsibility for magazine production and/or other communications until a successor is identified. The goal is to provide for the continued successful production of the magazine during the transition period.The Editorial board consists of: Matt Fine, Petra Swift, Jeff Cafiero, Knute Hancock, and Lisa Iervolino.

I.    Officers reports:[as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]
President: [Tom Iervolino] see Agenda above

Vice President: [Tom Swift]
We held our first two events of the season last month, Lime Rock and NJMP1.

Two days prior, Lime Rock had 3 inches of snow.  One day prior it had frigid temperatures, and it was not clear whether we would be able to run on Wednesday.  A go decision was made, and we were greeted Wednesday morning with sub 20 degree temperatures, black ice on the track, and tire barriers frozen to the ground.  However, the sun was out, and by noon the track was clear, safe, and warm.  The afternoon saw some great driving.  Thursday started out 30 degrees warmer, but alas the rain came on and off in the morning and then on for the afternoon.  Overall, those that attended were glad they did.

NJMP1 this year was moved to Sunday and Monday and run both days at Lightning.  The weather was perfect.  Lots of track time and a set of new NNJR instructors to boot.  NJMP management has changed, and they are working hard at being more responsive to their customers.  We had a surprise or two, but in general the event went very well.

This month we head for Mid Ohio, where we run the event in partnership with Potomac Region.

Secretary: [Cindy Cristello]  Minutes from the January, February, March,and April meetings have been posted to the website.
Treasurer: [Janice Ernsting]
Attached you will find the April financial statement. There are a few items of note; the Admin expense was higher than usual and due to  the annual rental payment on the storage unit, AutoX and DE both recorded substantial income this month, we continue to make large payments on DE contracts for future events, and YTD vehicle/trailer expenses are reflected. If you have any questions please forward them to me for discussion at next weeks meeting.

II.    Board and committee reports: [as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]

Autocross: [Grant Lenahan]
Car Control Clinic:
Yesterday we complete the annual Car Control Clinic.  The weather was awful for workers (cold and rainy) but excellent for car control instruction (consistently wet).  As expected, we had a large number of late cancellations and no-shows, many with excuses but obviously most due to the weather.  Overall the event ran very well and many participants expressed their surprise at how useful the wet conditions were ( I told them :-)) and thanked us.

A few statistics:
–  about 60 participants
– several were comps (Flemington, Credits from last year when places could be re-sold)
– instructors turned out very strongly – we had extras due to the no shows
– lots of volunteers help make it run smoothly – special thanks to many who don’t even AX, like Dionne and Walter!!
– no incidents
– good reviews from students
– Flemington participated and also gave good reviews.

ERFD also expressed their enthusiasm at participating.  They gave a good show at lunch circling the skidpad with siren and lights going, and presented NNJR with a picture taken last year of a bunch of us with Engine #2.

When I can attend BOG in person, I will propose that we transition the CCC to like all other AX programs. It vastly simplifies record keeping, billing, waitlist admin, refunds and communications with participants.

June 19th AX:

We finally have a date for June 19th – at the NJ Expo Center in Edison.  We still need to work out the EMT/ambulance logistics, which will impact the final cost, but the estimated direct variable costs will be $3000-$3500 all in.  A few important notes:
– so far registration is running weak
– we will miss key parts of our team — including Murray, Akemi, Marlys and      Dennis to Parade and will need any help we can get.

July 24th AX School:

We do NOT yet have a venue for the July 24th Autocross school.  I am working on several but as of now it is in Jeopardy.  Concours has also asked that we move it to the 23rd to allow them to use Brookrace Park on the 24th and I hope to accommodate them.

I’m trying to hold the budget tight, as requested, but will possibly need to buy new cones (maybe ~50).  At some time we need to invest in an updated timing control box that uses modern interfaces (USB).

Charity: [Anthony and Nelly Wartel]  no report

Club Racing: [Craig Mahon]  no report

Communications: [Matt Fine] no report

Concours: [Chris Erven and Jeff Erven]
The Infamous John Paterek Workshop was held on April 10th with around 100 enthusiasts in attendance.  Everyone had a great time and learned a lot from John & Ray.  Next year will be the 45th Year.

Chris & I attended the Hershey Swap meet.  We entered People’s choice but had no luck.  Murray got a 2nd place and hasn’t been the same since.  Jeff found a Fender for his 944, and now the car looks good from 20 Ft.

We are vamping up for our 1st Judged Concours event at “Welcome to the Club” Concours and Rally, June 12 at Employment Horizons, Cedar Knolls, NJ.  You can start prepping your cars at 8AM, Probably 6AM for Murray & Akemi.  Prior to that event there is a Do It Yourself workshop at Ray Catena Porsche, 123 S. Main St, Edison, NJ. 12-4PM.

Dealer Liaison/Sponsorship: [Bill Gilbert and Steve Corodemus] no report

Driver Education: [Tom Swift] see report under Vice President (above)

Historian: [Stu French and Bob Knapik]
2nd installation of Throwback Porsche article- “Decade of the ‘60s” prepared by Bob & Stu, with editing and image enhancement provided by Dennis T submitted for inclusion in upcoming P4US

Article covering Sebring DE via AutoTrain also awaits publication as space permits, space appears to be backing up

“Decade of 70s” article next to be researched and prepared as part of Throwback Porsche series leading up to 2017 60th Anniversary

Mailing and Distribution: [Dennis Thovson]
Mailing data for 2382 copies of Porscheforus were sent to our Mailer on Thursday May 5th. The issue was delivered to the Mailer on Friday May 6th and put in the Postal System on Monday May 9th.

Membership: [Marlys Thovson]
NNJR ended the month of April with 2208 Primary Members (down 3 from March), 1 Life Member and 1501 Family/Affiliate Members.  We had 23 new members join NNJR, 4 prior members rejoin, 10 late renewals and 158 on-time renewals (sixty-six of the on-time renewals were from multiple year renewals). Four members transferred-out (3 of the 4 were from one family all moving to Florida) and one transferred-in to NNJR. Thirty-six members did not renew on time for the May 1st cutoff.

We really need Members to seek out and recruit new members for NNJR. We have drifted down about 25 members since the first of the year when we should have at least held our own in membership. You know the benefits of belonging to NNJR. Please put on your recruiting cap and encourage other members to do likewise.

New Member: [Sharon Doherty and Akemi Kane]
On April 20, John Vogt, Akemi & Murray Kane, Jeff Erven and Sharon Doherty met with Maria Florio, Ford Shaw and Samantha Neil at Employment Horizon to go over the details of the Welcome to the Club event.  We toured the first floor of the facility and discussed the utilization of the cafeteria and patio area. Since there is minimal food preparation, there should not be a need to use much of the kitchen facilities. However, we have been invited to use whatever we need for that day.

Employment Horizons has been invited to do a “short” presentation on the organization during the lunch break and give a tour of the facility to anyone who is interested. EH will have a table where they can display information about the agency and will have a video playing at the rear of the cafeteria throughout the day.

To address possible over-flow guest parking, Employment Horizons has sent a request to their neighbor at 14 Ridgedale Avenue to enable the use of that parking facility.

Our event has been posted on the Employment Horizons web page and they are encouraging friends and family to stop by to enjoy our cars.

At present, enrollment is slow but we are hoping for an onslaught of entries to hit just before the early-bird cut-off date of May 23.

John Vogt has applied for the needed insurance for the event.

Akemi and Murray have checked with Theresa Angiulli and she has agreed to make the lunch for the event.

Janice Ernsting confirms that the PCA Subsidy check for New Member was received and deposited.

Planning: [Drew Karpinski] no report

Program: [Scott Lynn]      no report

Publications-Business Mgr: [Knute Hancock] no report

Publications-P4US Editor: [Michele Lynn] no report

Px: [Jose DeLaCruz] no report

Rally/Trek: [John Vogt]
I’ve been spending week ends making sure that the potholes of N.J. are still some of the  best in the US. I have a great local route for the WTTC, and a route through the very northern section for HOT RODS & PORSCHES rally. The second rally will feature more silliness and a special BBQ destination. The  restaurant/bar  has a performance car theme, that our club will love. I spend countless hours making sure the route works,with good views and fun questions,so please join in and tell you friends. I have had the luck of good weather for most of the rally s, let s hope for more of the same!

Safety: [Leslie Shrem] no report

Social:  [Cindy and Tony Cristello] no report

Technical:  [Ken Casterline and James Coleman] no report

Track Tech: [Walter Sliwa and Ed Pepe] no report

Webmaster: [Jeff Cafiero]
I’ve been adding galleries to most of the sections on the site. Thanks Petra, Murray and Akemi for the images. The links for our Facebook and Twitter accounts now go directly to those respective sites. P4US is now on line (one month old)  Over the last month there have been a few  errors/omissions/lack of additional information  in the calendars.  I’m requesting all chairs who have events to please check them for correctness or if additional event information should be added. The dates were posted back in February after the BOG approved the 2016 calendar.

Reminder, to insure that all our media is up to date and correct please have all communications go through This is the only way all of us who have taken responsibility of getting our message out can do so.

Bill Gilbert approached me and together we will be working on the best way to promote our sponsors and advertisers on our site.

Yearbook: [Petra Swift] no report
A general outline for the yearbook is in place and I am in the process of selecting images that best tell the NNJR stories and reflect our 2015 events.

ZONE 1 Report [Murray Kane]
Zone 1 Concours & Rally is this weekend. May 13 to 15. Sign ups are huge and the Concours is going to be out of this world. Rally has good participation also. I look forward to seeing you all at the event.

MOTIONS PASSED PRIOR TO MEETING: On May 4, 2016, Cindy Cristello made a motion (via email) to approve the minutes of the January, February, March, and April 2016 meetings. Motion was seconded by Murray Kane and carried by majority vote.

MOTIONS PASSED DURING MEETING:   Murray Kane made a motion for NNJR to donate $200 to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation in memory of Rick Townsend. Motion was seconded by Matt Fine and carried by a majority vote.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Shortly following the May 12, 2016 meeting, Petra Swift volunteered for the position of the Porscheforus Editor. Pursuant to the bylaws, the Executive Committee duly approved her appointment to the position.

NEXT MEETING:   Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 7:00pm (pizza), 7:30pm (meeting) at The Brick Academy

FUTURE MEETINGS:  Thursday July 7, Thursday August 4, Wednesday August 31, Thursday October 6, Thursday November 3, Sunday December TBD.

ADJOURNMENT: Upon a motion made by Matt Fine, and seconded by Ken Casterline, the meeting was adjourned at 8:59pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cindy Cristello, Secretary