DATE:             Thursday, January 5, 2017


PLACE:          The Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ


PRESENT:      Tom Iervolino, Tom Swift, Cindy Cristello, Janice Ernsting, Anthony Wartel, Matt Fine, Chris Erven, Jeff Erven, Bill Gilbert, Steve Corodemus, Stu French, Dennis Thovson, Marlys Thovson, Craig Mahon, Drew Karpinski, Murray Kane, Petra Swift, Knute Hancock, John Vogt, Tony Cristello, Ken Casterline, James Coleman, Jeff Cafiero,


ABSENT:        Grant Lenahan, Nelly Wartel, Bob Knapik, Sharon Doherty, Akemi Kane, Jose DeLaCruz, Leslie Shrem, Ed Pepe


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President, Tom Iervolino, at 7:28pm


APPROVAL of MINUTES: See Motions Passed Prior to Meeting (below).


AGENDA:      [Agenda items in bold; meeting outcome in italics]


  1. Updates to Old Business: none
  2. Updates/Supplements/Redirections to written Committee Chair reports

[updates appear following each respective report]

  • New Business:
  1. 2017 Calendar – Knute

Knute led the Board in setting the Club’s calendar of events for 2017


  1. P4US Advertisng changes – Bill G.

The committee assigned to look at advertising in Porscheforus, the website and emails has developed updated rates for Porscheforus and for a limited number ads in our monthly emails to members. The new Porscheforus rates will be effective July 1 of this year for existing advertisers. Letters will be sent to all advertisers this month to inform them of the new rates and the additional benefits that will be incorporated including assistance with ad design, improved visibility on the NNJR website, and one complementary email ad plus a discounted rate for other email ads.


  1. 2017 Budget Planning – Drew

Program chairs are asked to prepare draft budgets and submit them to Drew by January 20th in advance of the Planning Committee meeting scheduled for the end of January.



  1. Officers’ reports: [as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]

                        President: [Tom Iervolino] see Agenda above

Vice President: [Tom Swift]

We are nearly complete with the contracting process for 2017.


This month we will hold our Mid Winter Introduction to High Performance Driving, this time at the Mountain Lakes Club.


For our February instructor and drivers seminar, we have secured as our speaker Cass Whitehead, Head Instructor at the Porsche Sport Driving School.

Secretary: [Cindy Cristello]  Minutes from the   meeting have been posted to the website.


Treasurer: [Janice Ernsting]

Please take a moment to review the attached Treasurer’s report for December and contact me if you have any questions or concerns. A few things to note;

1)    We ended 2016 with a net surplus. As a reminder, we ended 2015 with a deficit. That deficit was due, in large, to the loss of revenue at the two Watkins Glen events.

2)     This year’s surplus left us with a greater amount of funds available vs. last years ending balance.

3)     Most of the committees come in well below or right at their budgets resulting in a net positive YTD vs Budget.

4)     A correction to last month’s notes; I referenced a deposit paid to VIR that was paid to Mid-Ohio.


  1. Board and committee reports: [as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]


Autocross: [Grant Lenahan]

Autocross has been dormant since October, but we are working to plan for the 2017 season.

I have replaced and augmented our cones, and plan to replace some wire spools and make slight upgrades to timing equipment.

Dates at MetLife are even harder to get than last year. I am looking for alternative sites, but we should all note that when we experimented with a “2nd tier” site this year (NJ Expo Center) attendance was low.

The current schedule is as follows:

April 2nd MetLife Lot J

May 13 MetLife Lot L (likely CCC)

June 4th Lot “E” – lot held by SCCA and legally operated by SCCA, we help

Sept 9-10 tentative Pocono event with Reisentoter.  Should be a great venue.  Please hold that date.

MetLife is not releasing any further dates in June —> Sept until a) they cancel a summer event and b) they have the late seasons schedule.

I am trying to get even tentative dates, but so far, no go.

I look forward to an exciting and fun year of Autocross


Charity: [Anthony and Nelly Wartel]

The December 14, 2016 Tricky Tray Charity Auction to benefit Employment Horizons took in $9,681.50 with an additional check of $100 sent directly to Employment Horizons referencing the Tricky Tray. The total for the night therefore was $9,781.50.

The Charity Committee would like to thank the hundreds of donors who sent in great prizes adding to the success of this year’s auction. The committee would like to also thank the unending volunteers who worked all afternoon and evening helping to set up, run the event and clean up afterwards. The charity event could not have been a success without everyone’s hard work and dedication.

NNJR through the warm hearts of our members raised cash donations of $390 at the Virginia International Raceway DE and $935 at the Watkins Glen I DE event. A grand total of $11,106.50 was raised for Employment Horizons in 2016.

The NNJR Board of Governors, the Charity Committee  and Employment Horizons would like to extend a warm thank you to our members for making 2016 another charity success!


Club Racing: [Craig Mahon]  no report


Communications: [Matt Fine] no report


Concours: [Chris Erven and Jeff Erven] no report


Dealer Liaison: [Bill Gilbert and Steve Corodemus] no report


Driver Education: [Tom Swift] see report under Vice President (above)


Historian: [Stu French and Bob Knapik]

  • 3rd article, “Decade of 70s” with supporting images published in Jan-17 P4US; positive feedback already being received
  • Stu F possesses digitally-formatted USB (a first) of “First 3 Decades” power-point presentation for retention within NNJR archives, which allows re-use as appropriate during 2017 60-Year History celebration, or as submission to national.  Stu serves on 60th Committee
  • Murray K as Program Chair intends to determine how/if USB stick may be used during 60th Celebration Year to operate as continuous loop display at NNJR functions, thus increasing “reach” of 109 Power-point slides to members not present at Oct ‘16 presentation
  • Research of “Decade of 80s” begun, expected publication in Apr/May time frame


Mailing and Distribution: [Dennis Thovson]

Mailing data for 2346 copies of the January issue of Porscheforus were sent to our Mailer on December 18, 2016. The issue was delivered to the Mailer on December 19th and placed in the Postal System on December 20th. Most members received the issue before the end of the month.

A letter and event flyer were mailed on January 3rd to New Members during the past year inviting them to attend the January 29th Mid-Winter Track Seminar.


Membership: [Marlys Thovson]

NNJR ended 2016 with 2242 Primary Members (plus 8 for the year).

As for the month of December,we are minus 3 members since November. During the month we had 12 new members, 2 prior members rejoined, 4 late renews and 159 on-time renewals. Only 23 members did not renew for the January 1 cutoff. Two members transferred-out and 2 members transferred-in.

We really need all our current members to actively recruit Porsche owners who are not members. This has always been our primary source for new members.


New Member: [Sharon Doherty and Akemi Kane] no report


Planning: [Drew Karpinski] no report


Program: [Murray Kane]

All monthly programs with the exception of August are finalized. August location is set and just need finalize the program for that meeting.


Publications-Business Mgr: [Knute Hancock] no report


Publications-P4US Editor: [Petra Swift] no report


Px: [Jose DeLaCruz]  no report


Rally/Trek: [John Vogt]

The rally season is over. The state is preparing our roads for next year with enough salt to give us all a heart attack .I will be roaming the back roads to find us new views & adventures.I have also been in contact with interesting destinations . Next year should be an even better version of what has become a popular way to burn gas in our Porsches. I will also try to keep the weather Gods happy with a good weather streak .


Safety: [Leslie Shrem] no report


Social:  [Cindy and Tony Cristello] no report
Technical:  [Ken Casterline and James Coleman]

January Tech Event

NNJR Annual Swap Meet at Aspen Autosports, Randolph, NJ.

Date and time 10:00am to 2:00 PM on Jan 21, 2017
February Tech Event

Paul Miller Porsche

East Coast Porsche Classic Center Launch

Date: Feb 25, 2017  Time: 10AM to 2:00PM

Rally: Sign up 8 to 8:30 AM, Classic Car Rallye (one hour) from 8:30 to 9:30. Start at PM return to PM.


Background: 1 of 3 Porsche Authorized Classic Car and Restoration Centers on East Coast. The other two locations are Manhattan and Roslyn, NY.  Classic Car display now installed and operating.  This Tech Event is geared towards displaying, reviewing and seeing Classic Porsches vehicles. NNJR members are invited to showcase their vehicles in the shop, and outside display. NNJR is invited to set up a membership and club info table. Rallye Master, John Vogt is requested to help plan a one hour route from PM and back to PM. Concour Chairs we should discuss feasibility of having a mini Classic Car Concour.
March Tech Event

Flemington Porsche

Second Annual Drive Thru Tech

Date: TBD, Time: TBD
April Tech Event

Paul Miller Porsche Tech Event:

New Model 2017 Panamera Launch

Date: April 8, 2017 Time: Tentative Target 10:00AM to 2:00PM


Track Tech: [Ed Pepe] no report


Webmaster: [Jeff Cafiero]

The address/link difficulties we have been experiencing has been resolved.  What problems a hyphen can cause. Our calendar program is the most successful section of the site. To better recognize our sponsors whether it be use of their facility or Monetary support in the description of a calendared event they will be acknowledged.  Our Website Failure is lack of content which I hope will change as material from Porscheforus has been promised to be forth coming on a regular basis. As for design changes, on our home page links will be added to: Sponsors Page, Blog Page ( this will show all posts collectively) I hope this will make increase traffic. Lastly a 60th Tab addition, linked to a Main page highlighting Our Premier Event and TAB to our history page. Lastly as a value add for or sponsors in the lower section of the page a gallery of ads will be added.


Yearbook: [Petra Swift] no report










NEXT MEETING:   Thursday, February 2, 2017


FUTURE MEETINGS:   Thursday, March 2; Thursday, March 30; Thursday, May 4; Thursday, June 8; Thursday, July 6; Thursday, August 3; Thursday, September 7; Thursday, October 5; Thursday, November 2; Sunday, December 10
ADJOURNMENT: Upon a motion made by Knute Hancock, and seconded by Jeff Cafiero, the meeting was adjourned at 9:27pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Cindy Cristello, Secretary