DATE:            Thursday, January 7, 2016


PLACE:          The Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ


PRESENT:      Tom Iervolino, Cindy Cristello, Janice Ernsting, Grant Lenahan, Anthony Wartel, Nelly Wartel, Matt Fine, Chris Erven, Jeff Erven, Steve Corodemus, Bob Knapik, Dennis Thovson, Marlys Thovson, Sharon Doherty, Craig Mahon, Drew Karpinski, Scott Lynn, Michele Lynn, Knute Hancock, John Vogt, Tony Cristello, James Coleman, Walter Sliwa, Jeff Cafiero, Petra Swift, Murray Kane


ABSENT:        Tom Swift, Bill Gilbert, Stu French, Akemi Kane, Jose DeLaCruz, Leslie Schrem, Ken Casterline, Ed Pepe,


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President, Tom Iervolino, at 7:31pm


APPROVAL of MINUTES: See Motions Passed Prior to Meeting (below).


AGENDA:      [Agenda items in bold; meeting outcome in italics]


  1. Old Business: none


  1. Updates/Supplements/Redirections to written Committee Chair reports: 

[updates appear following each respective report]


  • New Business
    1. Opening remarks by Tom I. Tom shared his objectives for 2016;
      1. Continue the vision of the Club as “fun” and continue to strive to do the “right thing” for members;
      2. Continue to improve communications through use of the website, Porscheforus, and e-blasts;
      3. Continue to build inclusiveness; and
      4. Work to improve NNJR’s financials.
    2. Introduction of new BOG members
    3. Draft budgets need to be submitted by all committees/chairs to Drew by 1/22

The Planning committee is scheduled to meet shortly thereafter to review budgets with the goal of presenting the 2016 budget for BOG approval at the February meeting. Budgets wil be adjusted as appropriate once sponsorships are finalized.

  1. Contact info update list to be circulated – Jeff
  2. 2016 BOG Calendar – Knute to lead discussion

Events and dates were agreed upon. Knute will distribute the results.



  1. Officers’ reports:[as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]

      President: [Tom Iervolino] see Agenda above

Vice President: [Tom Swift]   no report

Secretary: [Cindy Cristello]  no report

Treasurer: [Janice Ernsting]  no report


  1. Board and committee reports: [as submitted in advance; updates during/after the meeting in italics]


Autocross: [Grant Lenahan] no report

While we have not actual AX activity until April, I do have two items to report on:

  1. Thanks to Sharon and others who built goodwill, we have sponsorship by Flemington Porsche for this year’s program. I look forward to meeting with them to discuss opportunities and specifics.
  2. I finally got initial confirmation on Meadowlands dates.  The news is not good: The football teams and the complex are reserving more dates this year for blackout events.  They will also not confirm any dates past August until the post season schedule is out ( last year they gave us dates into September).  I have a list of confirmed dates, open dates (waiting for the season to progress) and potential alternatives (all of which have some compromises/conflicts). We will review them at Thursday’s Jan BoG meeting.

Until we know our schedule better, i plan to be very conservative with the capital plan for this year – which was intended to begin our “get current” on technology.


Charity: [Anthony and Nelly Wartel]

Acknowledgment thank you letters for all who donated prizes at the 2015 Tricky Tray Charity Event will be sent out by the Charity Committee before February 1, 2016.

A thank you ad will appear in the February 2016 Porscheforus listing all donors from the 2015 event.

The Charity Committee and representatives of Employment Horizons discussed plans for the 2016 charity event during a teleconference call in early January.


Club Racing: [Craig Mahon]  no report


Communications: [Matt Fine] no report


Concours: [Chris Erven and Jeff Erven]

Murray Kane and Jeff McFadyen had set up some of the January, February and March Concours Events prior to them turning over the Reins to Jeff and Chris, the new Concours Co-Chairmen.  The details are being  finalized starting with the 1st workshop being held on Saturday, January 16, 10AM at Milano Auto Painters, Clifton. Our host will be Pino Angulli with Jerry Manna providing the restoration seminar.  Tony Cristello also helped to set up this seminar with Pino.  Lunch will be provided.

The 2nd Workshop will be held on Saturday, February 20, 10AM at Flemington Porsche.  The Host will be Richard Karas and the infamous Den tman Bill Rochford will remove minor dents, Please contact to schedule a repair.  Bill will provide discounts to NNJR members.  A Continental Breakfast will be provided.

The 3rd Seminar will be held on Sunday, March 20 at High Marques in Morristown.  Our Host John Vogt will be providing his world famous breakfast goodies.  The 9AM-11AM portion will cover the 2016 schedule of events.  The 11AM to 1PM portion include a Judges Seminar.

We are looking to a great 2016 Year for all Concours enthusiasts with a few changes and surprises.

Dealer Liaison: [Bill Gilbert and Steve Corodemus] no report


Driver Education: [Tom Swift] see report under Vice President (above)


Historian: [Stu French and Bob Knapik]

In conjunction with NNJR upcoming 60th  Anniversary in 8/17, a new special series covering each decade of NNJR history leading up to 8/17 is planned for quarterly publication within P4US beginning with decade of the ‘50s in the Jan 16 edition.

While source material is abundantly available within the NNJR history books- under the subject-matter expertise of Stu French, reader input will also be encouraged by comments to, along with any attachments readers may care to share.

Fact is PCA requires its Regions to maintain a record of its history and activities, which has been accomplished in bound hardcopy format.

Additionally a cache of old P4US “newsletters” going way back has been identified which should prove to be a bonanza in gathering research material for the series.

Our P4US editor also has intention of reproducing select articles from those early times, along with some classic photos of current members as remembered in their younger days.

This is NNJR’s effort to “share” its storied history with the broad membership via the existing P4US monthly magazine, with Decade of ‘60s planned for as early as March edition.


Mailing and Distribution: [Dennis Thovson]

Mailing data for 2,373 copies of the January 2016 Porscheforus were sent to our Mailer on January 6, 2017, The issue is scheduled to be delivered to the Mailer on Thursday, January 7th. It should go into the Postal System on Friday January 8th.

Two-hundred thirty-five letters and flyers were prepared and mailed to 2015 new-members on January 4, 2016, inviting them to the Mid-Winter “Introduction to Performance Driving” event on January 31, 2016.


Membership: [Marlys Thovson]


We ended December with 2234 primary members (+10 from November) and 1550 Family/Affiliate members (-7 from November). Twenty-four new members joined during the month plus 4 prior members returned. We had 9 late renewals and 131 on-time renewals. Two members transferred-in and 3 transferred-out. Twenty-four members did not renew on time for January 1, 2016.

Our Club grew from 2176 to 2234 (+58 members) during 2015 – a growth number we haven’t seen for quite a while!

We have some concern with the National PCA on-line member joining process; it is not obvious when completing the application that a member can add a Family or Affiliate member at no additional cost. The PCA office has been aware of this for over a year. Hopefully they will rectify the problem soon or the face of the Club as a “family” organization will change.


New Member: [Sharon Doherty and Akemi Kane]

Response to the welcome to the club emails dropped off during the month of December. We feel it is just due to everyone bring busy for the holidays.

Plans for the WTTC event need to be coordinated with Rally and Concours.


Planning: [Drew Karpinski]

As Tom and I mentioned in the Joint-BOG last month, we ask that all committee chairs that have a budget to send me their requested 2016 budgets by January 22nd so that I may compile them in advance of the Planning Committee’s annual budget discussion. If there are any details you would like included in your discussion (for example, notes about sponsorship income, changes in program costs, venue issues, or anticipated capital expenditures), please include those as well. If you need assistance or have any questions, just let me know. You may send these to me at .


Program: [Scott Lynn]             no report


Publications-Business Mgr: [Knute Hancock]

First quarter 2016 invoices were mailed December 7, 2015


Publications-P4US Editor: [Michele Lynn] no report


Px: [Jose DeLaCruz] no report


Rally/Trek: [John Vogt]

I have the first two rallys mapped out, I will be driving the wheels off my car adding questions & humor.


Safety: [Leslie Shrem] no report


Social:  [Cindy and Tony Cristello]

Social finished out 2015 with the annual Holiday Party at the Atrium. The party was well attended and despite several service-related issues arising from a management change the occurred days before the party, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We anticipate seeking an alternate venue for 2016.

We are currently flexible with event dates; however would like to schedule the wine tasting for late Sept / early Oct.


Technical:  [Ken Casterline and James Coleman]

As part of the Tech Committee report, please see the ad below. You can see, the ad is for our annual Paul Miller February activity. Because the Gen. 2-991 is such a game changer for normally aspirated Porsche engines as well as the timing of its arrival, we felt this out of the box approach was the best way to set up for the new 991.2 Porsche Carrera. We hope you will agree.

We have been working on setting up the 2016 calendar. Our first event in January is the Swap Meet at Shade Tree Garage, Saturday, January 23rd. We have received about half a dozen requests to reserve space so far. We have a two part event set up with Paul Miller to review the Legacy Motor sport Timeline in part 1, Saturday, February 13th, and introduce the new turbos in part 2 , (date to be determined for late March or April). We are working with Stable Energies to do a safety equipment and gear tech event with a suggested date at the end of March. We have also had discussions with Paul Miller, Flemington, RSW, Precision and Power Tech for events. Dates and topics to be announced.


Track Tech: [Walter Sliwa and Ed Pepe]

We are working on the schedule for all Tech dates.

We are working on new locations for the new tech and relocating Lighting Tech.

We are working on new stickers and new flash lights.


Webmaster: [Jeff Cafiero]

The current site has been up and running for 9 months.  Overall response has been positive with the occasional question of adding a forum or forums. Hopefully with a new communication person in place we can achieve better integration with Facebook and twitter along with references in P4US to visit the site and direct readers to the site for more information on our events. All events in P4US should reference the site.

We are currently using 2 vendors for our internet services, 1) WordPress for our website 2) continuing with swish mail for our  email services. I will  be looking into a host that can provide both. Currently neither supports the other.

We also have a Dropbox account which I will be renewing in February.


Yearbook: [Petra Swift]

Yearbook has completed the collection of photos for 2015. I am now organizing pictures and looking for supplemental content.

We have also received ca. 1000 photos for 2012 to 2014. They are only marginally sorted and it will take a lot of work to figure out which pictures are from which event. There seem to be no Autocross pictures. I will get to this after the 2015 Yearbook is complete.

Ready to start collecting pictures for 2016.









NNJR’s Annual Region Awards were announced during the Holiday Party. 2015 Award Recipeints are:

Enthusiast of the Year:            Jeff and Betsy Cafiero

Most Improved Driver:  Steve Corodemus

Mulhern Award:          Peter Schneider

Fowler Award:             Dom Miliano

Dreyfus Trophy:          Janice and Tilo Samter


NEXT MEETING:   Thursday, February 4, 2016, 7:00pm (pizza), 7:30pm (meeting) at The Brick Academy
FUTURE MEETINGS:  Thursday March 3, Thursday, March 31, Thursday May 5, Wednesday June 1, Thursday July 7, Thursday August 4, Wednesday August 31, Thursday October 6, Thursday November 3, Sunday December TBD.


ADJOURNMENT: Upon a motion made by Knute Hancock, and seconded by Grant Lenahan, the meeting was adjourned at 9:16pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Cindy Cristello, Secretary