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2018 is behind us, skiing is today, and 2019’s Autocross season is just around the corner.

Last year we held our 2nd annual weekend at Pocono Raceway, in partnership with RTR-PCA.  This year we have TWO events at Pocono – sharing the fun and the work with Riesentoter and the SCCA. At the moment both are 1-day events due to track availability, but there is is a good chance we’ll get a 2nd day in June.  Why should you care?  Two words and one picture: “race track” and see below. I could have added “big” and “fast”, but race track seemed to cover all that 🙂

Now back to the regularly scheduled overview…..

Great news!  Flemington Porsche is again sponsoring the NNJR Autocross program for 2019, helping us grow our program both in terms of its scope, but also bringing new activities and features to our events.  We will announce more details as they unfold, so check in regularly.  In the meantime, make sure you welcome our new sponsor to the AX family, and let Flemington Porsche know how much we all appreciate their participation.

Autocross Overview:
Autocross can be many things to different people – but it’s always one of the least costly, least time-consuming, easiest-on-you-car ways to learn your car and how to drive it as God and Dr. Porsche intended … and have a blast doing so!

Technically, Autocross is a “Solo” event where drivers compete against the clock, in various classes (similar to golf handicaps).  Our venue is  a “street” course defined by cones in a HUGE parking lot – giving you lots of runoff and few obstacles.  It’s one of the best places to learn the limits of your car, how and when to brake, and what happens as you approach and cross the limit.  Unlike other activities, all of this occurs in a relatively open, safe and controlled environment.  If you think “racing in a parking lot” is too tame for you — watch the video (below).  If you think it’s too tough on your car — think again – stock Porsches run great and the wear and tear is surprisingly low – this is what they are built for!  Instructors are available, there’s a welcoming crowd, and often an informal social activity to follow – what’s not to like? Come on out and enjoy the fun!
For summary information on the 2018 program and changes, please go here:
About the 2019 AX Program

Autocross FAQs

Are spectators permitted at NNJR Autocrosses?

Yes, spectators are permitted but they must stay in designated spectator areas to assure their safety.

Can I pre-register for an Autocross?

Yes, pre-registration is available and encouraged through Motorsportreg, up to two days before an event.  Payment is also collected through Motorsportreg.

Can non-Porsches participate in NNJR Autocrosses?

Yes, Non-Porsches are warmly welcome. There are many non-Porsches at each event. But arrive early, because non-Porsche registration will be cut off when total registration reaches a predetermined number (depending on venue).

How much does a day of autocrossing cost?

Prices vary by event (test ‘n tune, Autocross, school, etc.)

We are listening to you, and working to give you more runs in a day, this means fewer people and marginally higher prices.

PCA Members: $70
Non-Members: $75

I've never Autocrossed before. Will I embarrass myself and slow the event down? Is there something I should do or read first?

There are many novices at every event, usually 30% of the Porsche drivers. Everyone, novices and veterans alike, is there to have fun and help one another. Like tennis and golf, you will get better at Autocrossing the more you do it. Reading about it in PORSCHEFORUS will NOT improve your driving.

There are books on Autocrossing that are worthwhile (a great one is Solo Racing by Henry Watts), but are no substitute for getting started. Read more about our events on this web site, including your proper car class. We have a novice category in each car class. We can’t guarantee that you won’t embarrass yourself, but it won’t be because of your performance in your car!

The best thing to read first are the “AX basics” tab on this site, and the resources under “AX documents”.

What do i need to bring? Do?

For a LOT more info see the sub-page “typical day”.  You don’t need much – just a car ( stock is fine), well checked out (see the tech form), food, water, helmet (loaners are available), and convenience items.  Cars need little preparation for FUN! or stock classes – make sure tires are factory +2lb to start and ask around.

Also read about the basic rules of autocross, and familiarize yourself with work assignments. If you dont know what is expected of you you WILL slow things down, crate timing errors, or even create a safety condition – so please read up!  A worker manual is being written and will be (it may be there when you read this) on this site, under “Autocross/documents”.