Autocross – January 2012


Time to start thinking about the upcoming AutoX season! We will return to the Meadowlands Giants Stadium Lot E, now known as Met Life Stadium, Lot E and will likely have six events along with our famous Car Control Clinic and Autocross School. Here is our tentative schedule thus far:

April 15: Car Control Clinic, Met Life Stadium, Lot E

April 22: AutoX, Met Life Stadium, Lot E

May 13: AutoX  or AutoX School , Met Life Stadium, Lot E

June 10: AutoX  or AutoX School , Met Life Stadium, Lot E

July 29: AutoX, Met Life Stadium, Lot E

August, September and October: AutoX’s at TBD dates and Locations

Once the Jets and Giants set their schedule (in April), we will be able to set our August – October dates and we are looking to also have our annual event at the Englishtown Road Course.

By the time you read this we will have tallied the 2011 points and awarded the Season Trophies. Here are the results:

The Novice Class was won by Mr. Smiles (otherwise known as Rick Londono) in his black 993. The Ladies Class was won by Akemi Kane followed by Betsy Cafiero, only 2 points behind, in second place. These ladies went head-to-head in every one of our events and were fun to watch. Showroom Stock was won by Chris Magdelinskas followed by Grand Lenehan and Anne Foos in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Chris is also one our newest volunteers who has really stepped to the plate and has taken the time to learn the AXware software that we use for timing and scoring. You probably saw Chris huddled over the PC during Registration and during the events. Anne Foos is also one our valued long-time volunteers and you will always find her at the Registration desk. Thanks Chris and Anne.

Stock 3 was a close battle between Howard Mintz (retired AutoX Chair) and George Patterson. These guys competed at every event and traded 1st and 2nd place, but the Class was ultimately won by Howard. If you desire to ever learn anything about AutoX, just seek out these two veterans – they are very fast and have decades of experience.

Stock 4 was won by Steve Burfit and 2nd went to Murray Kane. Steve won every event he entered and was consistently challenged by Murray.

Stock 5 went to Attila Catto in his famous “Orange Crate” and beat out 5 other challengers in this popular Class.

Stock 7 went to the other half of the cigar chomping Catto duo, Iskender (Alex) Catto in his black 997. Jeff Cafiero (our Porscheforus Editor) challenged Alex at every event and takes 2nd for the season.

Stock 8 was won by yours truly and I was just happy to even drive at most events much less win the Class.

Stock 9 was won by Mike McDougal is his sweet GT3.

Improved 2 Class was won by Scott Studer (retired AutoX Chair and a current DE Chief Instructor) in his comeback year. Glad to see you come out of retirement Scott.

Improved 4 Class is a story unto itself. This Class was won by Lou Hudyman who needed no one else to compete against other than himself. Lou is a fantastic driver who is out to win but would think nothing less than helping the next driver compete better. Lou is a true sportsman, our NNJR Zone 1AutoX Captain, AXware Software Volunteer and all around nice guy. Thanks for all your help and support Lou and Congrats on winning your Class.

Modified was a real slugfest and fun to watch. The battles were fought by Rick Newman and Adam McInnis. These guys not only competed head-to-head at every event, they were also invaluable volunteers at our events and provided advice, muscle and leadership at every event they attended. Thank you guys for all your support in helping make this NNJR Program a success. The Class winner is Rick Newman and a close 2nd goes to Adam.

Drum roll please…………………. The 2011 Season Champion is Lou Hudyman. Lou is a very experienced and competitive Autocrosser and in fact, won every NNJR event he competed in. He is just a joy to watch and learn from. Congratulations Lou!!

I want to take a moment to give a very special and heartfelt thanks to my buddy and Co-Chair Tom DePascale. Tom and I ran the Autocross Program for the last two years and Tom will (for the time being) retire as Co-Chair while he pursues his dream of selling Porsches and spending time with his Grandkids. Tom has been a great asset to the Program and I will surely miss his support and unbelievable positive attitude. You cannot help but have a great day Autocrossing when Tom is around. Thanks buddy and good luck selling these fantastic machines (pssst….. 1st Place finishes are now going for $25).

See you this season!