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Fri, Mar 27th
PCA Race / Road Atlanta, GA
Sat, Mar 28th, @1:00pm - 03:00pm
Tires and Suspensions Set Ups / Eurotire
Mon, Mar 30th, @6:00pm - 08:00pm
Lime Rock Safety Tech / Flemington Porsche
Wed, Apr 1st, @7:30am - 10:00pm
Wed, Apr 8th
Lime Rock DE
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Nominating Committee Report 2014
Written by Laszlo Szanka   
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 17:10



The Nominating Committee, exercising its duties as representatives of the NNJR Membership, has nominated the following candidates to serve on the Board of Governors for the calendar year 2015.

PRESIDENT: Drew Karpinski
SECRETARY: Cindy Cristello
GOVERNOR: Jeff Cafiero
GOVERNOR: Grant Lenahan
GOVERNOR: Chris Magdelinskas

All of the candidates have stated their willingness to serve in the office for which they have been nominated. Any eligible members not so nominated who wish to have their name appear on the ballot for the election at the Annual Meeting, shall submit a written notice and supporting petition signed by twenty-five Active or Family Active Members to the Nominating Committee Chair: Laszlo Szanka, 32 Mountain Avenue, Mendham NJ 07945, no later than September 1, 2014, to allow for publication in the October issue of Porscheforus.

Respectfully submitted,

Nominating Committee:
Laszlo Szanka, Chair
Sharon Doherty, Murray Kane, Craig Mahon, Greg Mills

Current Events
Written by Ken Casterline   
Friday, 05 April 2013 12:00


!!!!! Check out the NNJR-PCA Clothing at the PCA Web Store!!!!!

Attention NNJR DE participants!!!! Announcing "The NNJR DE Trifecta", incentive program for our long distance events. If you sign up for and attend (Mid Ohio, Mosport and VIR, you get special pricing which is 1st event full price, Second event $50 off, Third event $100 off. This applies to all participants including Instructors. See you at the track....


05 Fri Social Holiday Party- Date open for now Atrium, West Orange, NJ 7-12pm

07 Sun Rene Dryfus Rally
10 Wed Monthly Meeting Charity Auction The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ 6pm
12 Fri Usually Powertech party

14 Sun Combined Board of Governors meeting Cristello's 3pm

25 Wed Closing date for February issue of Porscheforus
25 Wed Christmas Day Listed for information only

31 Wed New Years Eve Listed for information only

January, 2015

08 Thu BOG meeting Calendar Scheduling Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ 7:30pm
14 Wed Monthly Meeting Topic TBD The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ 8pm
17 Sat Concours Concours Bodyshop WS Milan Auto Painters, Clifton, NJ 10am
24 Sat Tech Swap Meet Shade Tree Garage, Morristown, NJ 10am - 2pm
24 Sat Closing date for March issue of Porscheforus
25 **Sun Driver Ed (Registration Required) MidWinter Introduction to High Performance Driving The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ 12 - 4pm
24-25 Sat-Sun Rolex 24 Listed for information only
** Tentative Date


01 Sun Super Bowl XLVIII (48) Listed for interest only
05 Thu BOG Meeting Budget Approval Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ 7:30pm
11 Wed Monthly Meeting Topic TBD The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ 8pm
14 Sat Tech New Model Tech Paul Miller Porsche, Parsippany, NJ 1-3pm
21 Sat Concours Dent Man Flemington Porsche, Flemington, NJ 10am
22 Sun** DE Instructor Seminar/Dave Scott (By invitation only) The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ 9am-12:30pm
22 Sun** DE High Performance Driving Seminar/Dave Scott The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ 1:30-4pm
24 Tue Closing date for April issue of Porscheforus
28 Sat Tech-Zone 1 Tech Tactics East Easton, PA
** Tentative Date


01 Sun Tech-Zone 1 Tech Tactics East Easton, PA
05 Thu BOG meeting Brick Academy, Basking Ridge, NJ ??? 7:30pm
11 Wed Monthly Meeting Topic TBD The Villa, Mountain Lakes, NJ 6pm
14 or 21 Sat Social Last yearBourbon Tasting Jamie's Resturant & Cigar Bar, Clifton, NJ 7pm
14 or 28 Sat Track Tech Tech Inspectors/Track Ops WS Powertech, Rockaway, NJ 1-3pm
22 Sun Concours Gathering of the Faithful High Marques, Morristown, NJ 9-Noon or 1-3
24 Tues Closing date for May issue of Porscheforus
28 Sat Tech Topic TBD Shade Tree Garage ???? 10-Noon
29 Sun AX Autocross Met Life Stadium, Lot E, Meadowlands, NJ 8am
30 Mon Tech Lime Rock Tech Flemington Porsche, Flemington, NJ 6-8pm

How I Became A (Porsche) Auto Sports Enthusiast
Written by Akemi Kane   
Friday, 05 April 2013 01:25


Before joining the club in 2001, I was anything but an auto sports enthusiast. If you asked me what an autocross or rally was I probably would have stared back at you with a blank look on my face. I could drive a car with a manual transmission and truly enjoyed taking our 92 911 Turbo out for a nice drive in the country, but that was the extent of my automotive interests. So when we joined NNJR I had no idea of how our membership in the club was so totally going to change my perspective on auto sports, as well how I would be spending time on many of my weekends in the future. Our first event with the club was in 2001 and it was a social the club held at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome - great air show and great group of people. I remember meeting Sue Smith whom we would later come to learn was a PCA DE legend with her orange 914. I also remember Marlys Thovson greeting us with a big smile when we walked into our first meeting in October of that year. Not only that, but she already knew our names. At that meeting we were introduced to what the club was all about and our eyes started to open to the many activities that were available to us.

A personal note of thanks to NNJR
Written by Marlys Thovsen   
Friday, 05 April 2013 01:11


A personal note of thanks to NNJR and all its current and past members – “Our Family!” It is with warmth and humility that I accepted the honor of Life Membership in NNJR/PCA at our annual Holiday Party in December. Dennis and I have been members of NNJR and PCA since 1966 and have always held hands, literally and figuratively, in whatever task we took on for NNJR and PCA. Let me share with you some of the highlights of our journey as members of NNJR/PCA. Dennis served as NNJR President in the late 60’s and early 70’s. NNJR had about 100 members at that time. I was elected Secretary of NNJR in 1973 and took on responsibility for NNJR Membership in 1974. We both enjoyed Autocross and DE events – Dennis in his 1967 911S and me in my yellow 1973 914 2.0 “Tweety.” During this period, Dennis was busy building Autocross timers and developing a database on an early microcomputer to help me keep up with the rapid growth in NNJR membership. He was elected Treasurer of National PCA in the early 80’s and managed the conversion of the National PCA membership record keeping from paper and a huge old Addressograph machine to an IBM System 36 computer. He spent many a weekend in Washington DC at the PCA Executive Office. Dennis went on to become President of PCA in the late 80’s. At the annual Holiday Party in 1991, Dennis was awarded Honorary Life Membership in NNJR/PCA for his many years of dedicated service to NNJR and PCA. So we fast-forward another 21 years and Marlys Thovson was awarded Life Membership in NNJR/PCA joining Dennis in that special honor. NNJR has been blessed with good leadership and has grown from the 100 members when we joined to over 2200. I have had the honor to serve that leadership as Secretary for 40 years, sharing in both NNJR’s triumphs and challenges. I will continue to serve NNJR as Membership chair (with Dennis’s help) and we will continue to enjoy the many friends we have made and will make as “our family” grows.


(Copy Editors note, thank you Marlys for what you have done and will continue to do for our club.)

Tracking Out February 2013
Written by Drew Karpinski   
Friday, 05 April 2013 01:50
alt Winter had taken a short break last weekend it seemed with temperatures in the high forties for a change. Okay, so it wasn’t the balmy 50 to 60 degree weather that we saw most of last winter, but it was warm enough to wash off the car without it immediately becoming a big blue-green popsicle. The suds washed off remnants of Watkins Glen and New Jersey Motorsports Park, squashed bugs and small black streaks of Hoosiers from days gone by. When the car was finally dry, I carefully covered the 964 and secured it for the rest of the winter. I had a pretty robust driving season in 2012, at least by my standards. I visited NJMP three times, Watkins Glen twice, Pocono and Lime Rock once each, and even took the long journey into Canada for my first track days at Mosport. In between all of that, I jumped back into my 911SC and competed at nearly every NNJR autocross event (old habits die hard, I guess). There were four sets of tires, two sets of brake pads, two alignments and several hundred gallons of gas. Every event was memorable in its own way, but the total schedule had a way of wearing me out. Too much of a good thing, maybe? I remember a professor using a pizza analogy to explain the law of diminishing returns: The first slice tastes great. The second is pretty good, too, but once past your third, the marginal level of enjoyment plateaus. It does not mean that you don’t like pizza anymore - it just means that you are full. Time for the off-season. Ahh, the off-season. I know many people spend the off-season dreaming of the next season. Some do not end their seasons at all, and instead take off for the warmth of the southern climates. PBOC’s Winterfest event at Sebring is a popular spot in January for many of our drivers. For me, though, I look forward to the off-season. I like the break from traveling, from changing tires, and yes, even from my Porsches.
VIR 2012 in the Shadow of Hurricane Sandy
Written by Thomas & Nick Bravante   
Friday, 05 April 2013 01:20
alt My trip to VIR started out with a bad feeling. As we all know on Monday, October 29, an unprecedented storm hit New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy left me with no power at home, no power at my office and wondering if the family house at the Jersey Shore was still in existence. I had to leave my wife Robin home alone with only a generator, gas and some operating instructions (of which I tried to make as easy to understand as possible). She knew my son Nick and I had planned to go to Virginia for quite some time and she did not want us to miss the trip. I put our ’86 Martini-themed 911 on the trailer, packed up some tools, clothes and a couple of beers and got on the road to pick up Nick at college in Maryland. I had to maneuver countless detours to get to the highway due to fallen trees in my home town. On my way I noticed a mile long line waiting for gas. I thought for a second that I should turn around and call the trip off. I felt guilty that I was taking off for a fun weekend with my son in Virginia while my wife, friends and coworkers suffered in the cold with no power, heat or news. Seeing my little white Porsche smiling at me in my rearview mirror somehow made that thought drift away and I continued down the road to Maryland. I arrived at Nick’s school at around 1:30pm. I forgot that the night before was Halloween and it seemed that my son was moving a little… slow. I guess the storm did not impact the daily antics of a college student much.
Implements of Mass Beautification
Written by Hank Menkes   
Friday, 05 April 2013 01:04


Now that the holiday season is past and Porsche enthusiast’s thoughts are turning to warm weather activities, it is time to once again consider the proper way to care for and clean your prized vehicle. At past concours workshops Craig and I, as well as our guest presenters, talked much about preferred products and the proper methods of application. The best products and intentions, however, can go awry without the proper tools to apply and remove those products. This article will highlight some of those critical and labor-saving tools used in each step of general cleaning or prepping for a concours event. The first step in the general cleaning and prepping process is usually washing the vehicle. Unless you intentionally want to punish your Porsche for misbehaving over the winter by taking it to an automatic car wash, most enthusiasts prefer to hand wash their beloved ride. In addition to clean water, preferably demineralized or softened, and a quality car wash detergent; some type of bucket and washing implements are also required. Now what can be so complicated about a simple bucket and a sponge, you might ask? Not much when it comes to the bucket, as long as it is a clean bucket that has not been previously used to haul dirt and rocks from the garden.

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