Using the NNJR-PCA Online Store

Using the new NNJR-PCA Online Store

All product links will bring you to the same NNJR Goodie Store page where you can place online orders for currently selected items.

To select an Item,  “click” on the product image or  “click” on a highlighted link in the text.  This will bring you to the selected item with a short description and more details.

To purchase an Item, select the Item and quantity and then select the red Add to cartbutton.

You will see a green banner confirming that you have successfully added the products to your cart. You can edit your order in the Cart before proceeding to checkout.

Select the Green “View Cart” banner or Red “View Cart” button this will create your personal “Shopping Cart” page that stays active from session to session.

The Shopping Cart Page

From the Shopping Cart, review your item(s).  You can add or edit quantifies or delete an item from your Cart before moving to the checkout page

Checkout Page

On the “Checkout” page you will be prompted for additional information required to purchase and ship your items.

If a payment is required you will see our Payment Processing system, (PayPal) or a link that will take you to another site’s registration and payment process such as  Both options will allow you to recall your shopping cart details in the future if your browser does not block “cookies” from

To pay with a credit card, you still need to select the PayPal button which brings you into the secure PayPal gateway system, where you will be prompted to select PayPal or your Credit Card.  If you do not have a existing PayPal account, select the option to pay with a Debit or Credit card.

When using our payment system option, does not store any personal financial information.  (credit card PayPal, etc).  

Editing your order before purchasing.
If need to remove or edit a product before purchase, you must do our edits before you place your order.  To remove q product select the red “X” on the upper left corner of the product description.  Once you place your order, you can no longer edit quantiles or product options, but you can always cancel the entire order and start over.  If there was a charge, follow the cancelation process in the confirming email and we will promptly refund your money up to 48 hours before the event.

Place Your Order

Enter the required payment and shipping information and then select  “place order“.
After this process is complete, you will be shown a confirmation page with all the purchase details as well as a confirmation email mailed to the email adress you have provided.

Your Next Order
Now that you have established an “account” through the process above, the site will recognize the device you used to register and provide the option to autofill your name, address, phone, and email during the purchase process. You can always go directly to your “Shopping Cart” page for Events or Products that you saved but have not yet completed purchasing to continue with your purchasing process.

Thanks again for using the NNJR online order system.

If you ever have any issues placing an order – send an email to Webmaster@NNJR-PCA.COM or use the “Contact Us” menu on the top of the website.