If you enjoy seeing great looking Porsches, if you like to see vintage Porsches, if you enjoy washing, cleaning and waxing your car … then you’ll enjoy Concours events. NNJR sponsors several Concours workshops and clinics along with many competitive events.  Our workshops and clinics demonstrate the proper techniques on how best to clean and care for your car. It’s a real hands-on activity where you get a chance to see how various cleaning and polishing products are used and ask questions on the care of your Porsche. Our competitive events are generally scheduled to coincide with an upcoming Concours event so you will be able to put into effect what you have just learned.

Concours is an activity in which the beauty and cleanliness of your Porsche is rated and scored. Judges with incredible knowledge and familiarity of Porsches inspect the competing cars. They look in places that you don’t even know exist! If this type of preparation seems daunting for you we also offer the wash and shine class. Just wash your car and compete for a Wash and Shine award. No need to spend endless hours with a Q-Tip!

Information gleaned from the concours workshops are also worth putting to use on any of your daily drivers.

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