Concours Corner

A new season will soon be upon us. While our prized Porsches are tucked away for the winter, we start thinking about the NNJR 2017 concours season.  There will be a total of 9 events which you can attend, 5 workshops and 4 concours judged events. In addition to our NNJR events there are also Zone 1, Porsche Parade and New Hope Car Show. This year NNJR is proud to celebrate its 60th anniversary. We are still working on the event details but look for a show case for many of the club’s Porsches.
We will have a few new workshop and concours locations this year. They will be published as soon as details are finalized. As we always attempt to improve the program, any suggestions from you would be appreciated. If you haven’t tried concours, join us in 2017. We do not hold black tie events, but jeans are welcome. We always provide plenty of food for nourishment so you can clean a little harder. But do not let that scare you away, we have lots of fun. This year we will also have a new class, people’s choice. This will be a low-key class that, in most cases, will only require a quick wash, unless you were off road in a bog the day before.  The veteran and novice class championship should shape up to a close contest again if last year’s results are an indicator. Some events resulted in only 1/10 of a point separation in classes and 2 points in the final championship standings. We are looking forward to a fun and competitive 2017 season. Invite all your friends, either to show or just attend events as spectators. Thank you to all participants, judges and helpers who made 2016 a successful season!
Murray & Akemi Kane, 2016 Veteran Championship winner, soon to be retired and put out to Pasture, the 911, not Murray!
Charles Rothwell 2016 Novice Championship winner, new Sheriff in Town, “I never had so much fun cleaning, It’s an addiction!”