Want to improve your driving? Want to have a lot of fun?

NNJR’s Car Control Clinic is a great starting place.

This full day event is designed to teach you the basics of car control.  You will gain a whole new level of respect for your machine while learning its limits in a controlled environment, with instructors showing you the way. This is highly recommended for drivers new to their Porsches.  This event is held once a year and sells out quickly. The number of participants is limited in order to assure enough driving time. Look for the application in Porscheforus and online under Autocross.

For those that cannot attend the Car Control Clinic, but would like instruction and practice in a safe, one-day environment, look to the Autocross program pages.  Specifically, look at the Autocross School, under the Autocross program pages.  The Autocross school involves some car control type exercises, plus the reality of a connected course that simulates real driving situations. It is limited in attendance so that you can receive more instruction and more practice.

Registration information:

Watch the NNJR email and Porscheforus for notification of the Car Control Clinic.  In addition to the paper registration form, an electronic form is on the downloads section of the Autocross web page (  Registrations are first-come, first-in, by date posted.  Registrations must include payment (which will not be cashed/charged if you do not get in). Priority is 1) NNJR, 2) PCA, 3) other.  You may drive any safe vehicle but a Porsche is strongly encouraged.