2017 Autocross Program

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  1. Schedule of events
  2. Car Control Clinic and Autocross School
If you have any questions or suggestions for the 2017 season, send them my way, at autocross@nnjr-pca.com.
Autocross is, hands-down, the cheapest, safest, least time-consuming way for you to learn basic performance driving, push your car, and push your skills. It’s fun, informal and the crowd is welcoming. And if you have family members or friends, who are – horrors – Porsche-less, bring them in whatever car they have (more or less) – its all good. Need a helmet? We have loaners. Need coaching? We have instructors. Have a need for speed? We have the cure. Come on out and join us. If you have questions – reach out to any of the team.
2017 Schedule:
(note: MetLife has not released dates after mid-June.  We hope to pick up 2-3 additional dates over the summer and fall, please check back regularly)
–> #1  Sunday April 2nd Autocross – MetLife Stadium, Lot J
–> #2  Saturday May 13th – Car Control Clinic , Lot L
–> #3  Sunday, June 4th – Autocross with SCCA – Lot E
(further info will be here shortly, please get sign up details on
OUR motorsportreg link (below), not the SCCA’s)
–> #4  Sat-Sun Sept 9-10th – 2-day Autocross with Riesentoter:
–>       Pocono East Course   WOW!  Autocross at Pocono
–> #5   Other dates TBD
All registration and payments are on Motorsportreg.com
(tech form and classing info is also linked on Motorsportreg.com)
Car Control Clinic:
This year the Car Control Clinic is scheduled for May 13th. This is a Saturday, not Sunday.  I plan to switch registration from paper to Motorsportreg.com. This vastly reduces the paperwork for me.  I suggest anyone new to Motorsportreg.com create a username and profile, with payment method, ahead of time.  I will NOT be caching checks nor licking stamps this year!  And remember, it sells out fast.

Autocross School:
For those of you who miss the car control clinic, you can look forward to our Autocross School / Test and Tune, planned for mid-summer (dependent on lot availability). This will be part instruction, part opportunity to practice what you learn (or already know!) in a safe environment. Instruction and ride-alongs always available. Sign up on Motorsportreg.com. This event will be limited to roughly 50 people so that we can all get LOTS of run time. This is also the place for our recent CCC participants to come and get more practice.We hope to try several new things this year, and re-try several old but good ideas.
June Combined PCA/SCCA Autocross:
In June we will combine forces with the SCCA to run an Autocross.  Both SCCA and PCA classes and rankings will be honored.  This allows us to run an event during a difficult time (next to a major DE, and during vacation time). Sign up details will be posted soon – the mechanics are being worked out literally as I type, but I expect this to be an excellent event – likely at the big lot (E), with national-champ level instructors available, and yet the social aspects that we have cultivated in PCA over the past years.  Pricing and runs should be similar to our events.
Social Activities: (Beer ‘n talk trash)
We will try to arrange an informal social activity after many Autocross events. Information will be event-by-event on the web site e.g.: gather at a local pub, or generous host’s home, near the venue.
More runs, more practice:
We’ll also be working to find a way to give many of you, and us, who like to practice car control and other skills more chance for “fun runs” and other less-structured runs, hopefully with a good cadre of volunteer instructors/ coaches. This likely means fewer participants and a slightly higher price, and that some subset of us stays after an autocross or two and continues to use the facility. Important note – to stay late and get more runs requires that a critical mass stays late and is willing to not only drive but also work and clean up. Again, let me know what you think of this idea and whether you would stay, and whether you might volunteer.If you would like to be on an autocross email list to receive reminders, event information, cancellations (snow in August?), and maybe even a short poll on what you really want, please send your email address to autocross@nnjr-pca.com.Here’s looking forward to a great year, and let’s take it easy on those poor cones.