2019 Autocross Program

On this page:

  • 2019 Program
  • Schedule of events
  • Car Control Clinic and Autocross School

If you have any questions or suggestions for the 2019 season, send them my way, at autocross@nnjr-pca.com.

We want to extend a giant “thank you” to our generous sponsor, Flemington Porsche.  Go visit them!

Autocross is, hands-down, the cheapest, safest, least time-consuming way for you to learn basic performance driving, push your car, and push your skills. It’s fun, informal, safe and the crowd is welcoming. And if you have family members or friends, who are – horrors – Porsche-less, bring them in (more or less) whatever they have – its all good. Need a helmet? We have loaners. Need coaching? We have instructors. Have a need for speed? We have the cure. Come on out and join us. If you have questions – reach out to any of the team.

2019 Schedule:
–> Saturday May 11th – Annual Car Control Clinic (fills early)
–> Autocross #1A – Sunday June 23, Pocono Raceway, East Course (date change)
–>       Pocono East Course   WOW!  Autocross on a race-track!
–> Autocross #2 – Sunday July 21, MetLife Lot J
–> Autocross #3 – Sunday August 4, MetLife Lot J
–> Autocross #4 – Sunday September 22, Pocono East Course

All registration and payments is via Motorsportreg.com-here
(classing info is also linked on Motorsportreg.com)

Joint events – what and why:
All of our events except the Car Control Clinic are being operated jointly with either Riesentoter PCA, NNJR-SCCA, or both.  Wonder, why?  Three reasons:

  1. The availability and cost of large lots to hold our events is getting worse – more money, fewer dates. So we link up with organizations that also run safe, serious, fun events.
  2. Operational logistics – we simply need more volunteers to commit to our events, do the pre-event work (test equipment, set up, haul the trailer …) and “many hands makes light work”.  If you are able, please do consider becoming a committed volunteer.
  3. More venues – as combined events we can run in huge facilities such as Pocono and MetLife lot “E” that we simply cannot afford on our own – giving us a more exciting day of racing and practice.

Car Control Clinic:
This year’s the Car Control Clinic is May 11th.  Sign up early.  No cancellations int he last 2 weeks – mating students to instructors and arranging the schedule is tough enough without changes.

Autocross School or Car Control Practice event:
(if we can get a venue)

For those of you who missed the car control clinic or could not get in, we are looking to secure a place and date for an Autocross School / Test and Tune. This will be part instruction, part opportunity to practice what you learn (or already know!) in a safe environment. Instruction and ride-alongs always available for registered drivers. Sign up on Motorsportreg.com. This event will be limited to roughly 30-40 people so that we can all get LOTS of run time. This is also the place for our recent CCC participants to come and get more practice.We hope to try several new things this year, and re-try several old but good ideas.

Social Activities: (Beer ‘n talk trash)   We will try to arrange an informal social activity after many Autocross events. Information will be event-by-event on the web site e.g.: gather at a local pub, or generous host’s home, near the venue.  Offering your place?  Let me know!

We need you!  These events demand a lot of work – ahead of the event and early on the day.  If you cna help with timing, equipment maintenance, hauling our (huge) trailer, etc. – let me know @ autocross@nnjr-pca.com.

Here’s looking forward to a great year, and let’s take it easy on those poor cones.
Grant (and the entire team of volunteers who puts this on)