Turn by Turn

In this section, we have descriptions and pictures for the tracks that NNJR drives. You will find videos and advice about driving on various websites, but often the experience level of the author (or driver in a video) is unclear. The materials here have been prepared by NNJR Chief Instructors as an aid for all drivers, but particularly those new to a track or with limited experience, unless otherwise noted.

Most drivers find it useful to review these materials before an event, especially for their first time at a track. On the other hand, if you are new to DE and find some of the material hard to apply, don’t worry! Your instructor will cover everything you need to know. New drivers generally benefit the most by concentrating on the turn numbers/names and the line. New drivers may also want to look through the Drivers Manual on this site.

If you have questions or suggestions, please email trackchair@nnjr-pca.com.


VIR Turn by Turn

Note: Updated October 2019 with much more detail

Video: One Lap of VIR

NJMP Lightning

Lightning Turn by Turn
Video: One Lap of Lightning

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen Turn by Turn
Video: One Lap of Watkins Glen

NJMP – Thunderbolt

NJMP Thunderbolt Turn by Turn

Lime Rock Park

Driving Lime Rock
  • Bill Gilbert’s article about how to drive Lime Rock
Lime Rock Turn by Turn
  • Annotated photos of each corner
Driving Lime Rock with Corner Diagrams and the Line

Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant

How to Learn a New Track

(with references to Mt Tremblant)

Mt Tremblant Turn by Turn

(by Bob Rouleau, Director, Driver Education for Rennsport Region PCA)

The Line at Mt Tremblant

(video driven by Bob Rouleau, Director, Driver Education for Rennsport Region PCA)