History of VIR with Connie Nyholm


Tonight, June 24th, starting at 7:30 pm, we are hosting a Webinar with Connie Nyholm (Owner and CEO of VIR Racetrack) and Harvey Siegel. Harvey is the original visionary for the resurrection of VIR and has worked with Connie for many years. I know it will be informative and entertaining evening. Connie and Harvey have a wonderful friendship, steeped in all the rich VIR History.

Our format for tonight’s Webinar is the same format that we used previously for the Ross Bentley Webinar.

We will be live streaming the Webinar to our NNJR YouTube Channel. Follow the link below to the NNJR YouTube page.


Once you are on our NNJR YouTube channel, there is a Chat Window for questions, so please have your questions ready for Connie and Harvey.

Bill Gilbert will be the Moderator, Matt M. will be IT support and I will be the Host.

Hope many of you can join us tonight at 7:30!