Concours FAQs

Why do we enjoy and go through so much work to prepare our cars?


  • Concours event preparation
  • Personal pride
  • Long term investment
  • Preparation for resale
  • Discovery of worn or damaged parts
What does Concours d’Elegance full preparation involve?

Full preparation for an NNJR Concours involves detailing as the art of meticulous hand cleaning, prepping, dressing, touch up of paint chips and replacement of worn and damaged parts to produce a car that is both clean and presents its self well.

How often should a concours participant clean their car?

This depends on several factors.

  • Whether or not the Porsche is regularly garaged or exposed to the elements present in the area you live.
  • Use of automated car washes (it is highly recommended you avoid these).
  • Colors sensitive to exposure (e.g. red).
  • Hardness and durability of wax used.
How long does it take to prepare a car for the full class?

The full process can take twelve or more hours depending on factors such as the most recent cleaning, whether or not the car is a daily driver and whether or not it is garaged. Doing so will help to make you car competitive and score reasonably well at any Porsche Club Concours d’Elegance.

What are some tips for good results?
  1. Avoid circular motions when washing, polishing and waxing – strive to work in aerodynamic front-to-back strokes in keeping with natural air and water flow over the car’s surface.
  2. The goal is to remove dirt though cleaning before any final dressing is applied.
  3. Work in the correct order – start with the gentlest possible treatment when dealing with problem areas. Work your way up to the strongest/harshest materials only as needed, and always make sure the material you’re using won’t cause damage.
  4. Use your sense of touch, avoiding fingerpads to detect contaminants.
  5. Always check the area you working on by looking at it from several angles to make sure you’ve dealt with all the defects you found in your initial inspection. If at all possible, do this under a sunlit sky, since concours judging usually occurs outdoors under natural light.
  6. Do not over clean or strip areas beyond OEM grading expectations
  7. Always wear soft clothes, and remove personal jewelry. Ladies with long hair should tie it up in pony tail for safety
Do I have to enter a car to attend?

For NNJR members, concours are not only a great way to socialize with other Porsche owners, but they are also a great way to see some of the most beautiful, best preserved, best maintained Porsches in the NNJR region. As such, their Porsches are often the most valuable examples, as well. Often concours are held at beautiful or interesting venues, adding to the overall ambiance. For concours competitors, these events serve as a fun way for like-minded folks to exchange information, cleaning tips, and more. Our region has a reputation for competing successfully at the highest levels of Concours competition and this is in large part due to the experience gained by our members in competition locally.