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Safety tech is a valuable process that is integral to NNJR-PCA Driver’s Education program. It performs many functions:

  1. Ensures that all cars on track meet specific standards before and during the event.
  2. Is essential to comply with PCA’s insurance coverage, and thus maintain the viability of this valuable (and fun!) program

Please download and read the forms above – they contain the complete, official requirements.  The video shows many of the steps involved in the NNJR pre-tech. Below the video are some FAQs.


Technical Inspection for Driver’s Ed involves 3 steps:

  1.  An on-lift examination by an Experienced Safety Tech is required and should be performed approximately 2 weeks prior to an event, allowing you ample time to make repairs, if needed. NNJR provides a free pre-tech prior to each event, hosted by one of our member shops or dealers. It is also possible to have the inspection done at your convenience at any qualified shop. Details are on the tech form (link above). NNJR provides a list of pre-qualified shops, however any Porsche dealer or qualified Porsche specialist may perform the inspection as long as they 1) use OUR (NNJR) form and, 2) sign and stamp the form.
  2. On-site tech at the beginning of the event; read the track pack for scheduled times. On-site tech is NOT a substitute for the pre-tech. At the on-site tech your form will be collected and checked, and a host of checks will be performed, per the tech form. Among the things that are performed at the on-site tech are
    1. check that the car is truly EMPTY,
    2. check of your helmet, belts and other safety equipment and,
    3. check of wear and adjustment items like brake lights, tires and lug nuts. Assigned numbers will also be checked AND VERIFIED. Please be sure that your tech form is completely filled out, signed by you and the shop, and that your number matches the one assigned to you during registration. Incomplete forms will be deferred from the line until they are complete.
  3. The track side tech is performed only on the first day for multi-day events. That means drivers are responsible to carefully monitor those items that deteriorate on a track day – tires, brake pads, lug nuts etc. The NNJR tech team is available at any time to assist you if you have questions. They are more than willing to do a track side tech on the second or third day of mult-day events: just ask.

It’s probably obvious why tech is required. However we would like to point out some collateral benefits of our safety tech program:

  1. Each time your car goes on a lift, you get an overview of its condition
  2. As long as you have signed the waiver and obey safety rules, you are invited to view your own car to see and learn things about it. Many members view this as a real benefit.

Pre-track techs are typically held from 6-8PM Monday or Tuesday evening about 2 weeks before an event. The location is listed on and is provided in the e-mail that is sent to all drivers. Remember that these are volunteer events run and staffed by your fellow members!

Questions can be directed to the track-tech stewards at

See you at the track!


Safety-Tech FAQ:

Q: Do I need a fire extinguisher?

A:  Fire extinguishers are recommended, but not required, for all groups.  If you install an extinguisher, it must be mounted metal to metal and must pass the safety tech.  See the tech form for more information.

Q: What are the mechanics of the club-provided free tech inspections?

A:  These events are held roughly two weeks before each event, almost always on a Monday night, from 6-8pm.  The location varies but is a repair shop or dealer affiliated with NNJR-PCA.  They are first-come first served.  Bring your tech form, your car, your helmet and get on line.  You may wish to volunteer to help either with paperwork, or if you are experienced, with the technical inspections themselves.

Q: If I cannot attend NNJR’s pre-tech event, what are my inspection options?

A:  We try to be very flexible, within the constraints of ensuring your safety and the safety of others, and adhering to our process.  This means that you are free to use any legitimate, licensed repair facility, so long as a) they use our form, b) they and you fill it out and sign it, and 3) you provide either the shop stamp or attach the official receipt. Read the tech form cover page for details.